The road that charges electric cars as it passes through

The road that charges electric cars as it passes through

The ELONROAD is a highway that has the technology necessary for recharging the vehicles that circulate.

The development of mobility affects not only the different types of vehicles but also all the factors and elements that intervene in driving and traffic, from truisms to roads. In addition, these last vans play an important role in the safety of vehicles and the implementation of electric mobility.

charges electric cars

Mega chargers of electric batteries in real-time. Right now, in the two cities of Suecas, Lund, and Maristad, there are built and running several kilometers of roads Elonroad. This type of route achieves recharging of electric vehicles at the same time that they are moving through the asphalt.

With this project, which joins others in Europe seeking to create this type of asphalt, roads connected to autonomous vehicles and traffic, all in a bid to reduce emissions and improve road safety, would be one step closer to creating To install Nuevas Carretera del Futuro.

The Elonroad autos are inspired by the system that powers the Scalextric. Who doesn’t know about them? The cars in this game work thanks to the electric energy they get from a roller that was in the center of the track that they were running. That is the same mechanic that is used on the roads of this company.

The road that works like a Scalextric

The energy is stored directly in the battery of the electric vehicle, while the thermal motor losses recirculate the asphalt as if nothing. In this video, you can see and understand a little more about the operation of the Elonroad.

The promise of Elonroad is that of infinite energy. They place metallic tires in the center of the road which, obviously, are electrified but only generate when there is a car connected to them. The theory is that it is powered independently, but in such a way as to ensure that there is no electrical energy traveling down the road at any given moment, but only under each car and at the moment one passes over them.

The powering of these electric tires would be very simple since they would only need a ministration every kilometer to make them work, but luckily, there would have to be light posts along the length of the roads, especially those of high capacity, which would also serve as a source for these mini chargers.

The car will connect to these tires by activating them as enable rails in the lowers, which will enter into contact with the metal tires and automatically start the recharge. The parked vehicles also are used to fill the battery simply by parking on top, being a solution applicable to other structures, such as parking lots. The payment of the electricity of the recharge corresponds to the account of the driver: a series of servers identifying the vehicle, registering the energy to be recharged, and charging, all automated.

The company assures that the car’s battery recharges faster than what the motor consumes, thus generating a feeling of infinite autonomy, at least while traveling on one of these routes. In the tests that have been carried out, charges of up to 300 kW have been obtained, opening the door like a great solution to one of the biggest problems of electric cars.

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