Elon Musk returns to the fray and says the Tesla Roadster “isn’t even really a car.”

The firm’s CEO has made several fresh, rather ambiguous claims, but the last thing declared was that production would start at the end of this year.

Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk’s most recent remarks raise some questions about what we may anticipate from the fully electric sports vehicle, even though it appeared that everything was in order and that he had clear aims with the Tesla Roadster.

Recall that the waitlist for this model is becoming longer for everyone. Still, it’s getting longer for individuals who Musk persuaded to purchase one of the 1,000 Tesla Roadster Founders Series vehicles.

Background of the Tesla Roadster

Each buyer spent an astounding $2,33,569, and aside from production delays and the promising announcement a few weeks ago that the first units would be delivered beginning in early 2025, they have been waiting to hear something further since 2017.

Following the special edition units, regular Roadsters—possibly accompanied by a dropper—will appear. Priority will go to those who have reserved a vehicle, have already paid $46,713, and wish to finish the transaction by making the remaining payment of the full purchase amount—final invoice, a now unclear detail.

Tesla Roadster

This week’s issue stems from an interview the CEO of Tesla was given by the streaming show The Don Lemon Show. He keeps saying he can accelerate a record from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than a second, but his intervention also has some odd elements.

Musk’s confusing statements

Above all, he has claimed that the Tesla Roadster “isn’t even really a car.” This statement is difficult to understand, given Musk’s history of stirring controversy and avoiding direct answers.

Don Lemon asked the brand’s CEO if it would be a flying automobile, and he just said, “Maybe.” Subsequently, he said, “it’s the only way to make something cooler than the Cybertruck” and “it will have rocket technology.”

Tesla Roadster

The odd thing is that the response to the question of whether the Roadster will have wings was, “It doesn’t have big wings.” In addition, he said of the steering wheel, “It will have a yoke for steering by wire, like an airplane.” The Tesla Cybertruck already has this steering technology, and the Tesla Model X and Model S vehicles have the yoke shape on the steering wheel.

We may also accept that it will be postponed once more, but only by a few months, as there is already talk of presenting a new prototype at the end of the year with plans to begin manufacturing in 2025.

The new record acceleration still stands.

However, he reiterated his previous statement about his SpaceX space division affiliation. To achieve the heart-stopping acceleration promised months ago—1.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h—a system of compressed air rockets will be attached to the vehicle. This acceleration is anticipated to be attained a few tenths faster.

That always discusses the most competent iteration, which won’t be the only one. Since there is also a guarantee of access, albeit a weaker one, devoid of rockets, and with a range that may be increased to a maximum of 1,000 kilometers with each complete charge of the battery pack, the exact capacity or capacities that are available are yet unknown.

Neither the 400 km/h top speed nor the three zero-emission engines will be available on this more accessible and economical version.

In a few days, on Friday, March 22, all Tesla Model Y variations will see price increases in addition to this new information.

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