Tesla revealed some details of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance.

The Tesla Model 3 was refreshed last year and had improved quality, efficiency, and design, but it was also devoid of the most powerful engine option. A Performance version, about which a leak has provided us with additional information.

new Tesla Model 3

Additionally, Tesla is quietly finishing up its website in preparation for the launch of the Model 3 Performance, as it has done on previous occasions. The page’s source code shows how these advancements are mirrored.

Data retrieved from the UK Tesla website indicates that the new Model 3 will continue to go by the surname “Performance” and not the previously speculated “Ludicrous” moniker. Something that makes it possible for a new, more radical arrangement to emerge in the future than if I could access that surname.

According to the details on the Tesla website, the Model 3 Performance will include a new high-performance propulsion system that can produce more than 500 horsepower, making it the most powerful vehicle to date.

The acceleration figure up to 100 km/h is yet unknown, however, it should improve upon the 3.2 seconds of the previous generation.

Braking has been one area where Tesla has needed to make the most improvements. In this instance, it is implying that the brake system of the Model 3 Performance will be high-performance, able to provide optimal performance even in the most intricate circumstances, and consistently maintain temperature management.

new Tesla Model 3

The configurator also discusses the chassis and adaptive suspension. Better body control is possible with the all-new adaptive damping system, which is driven by proprietary algorithms without compromising comfort or daily use. The components of the chassis and suspension are customized to provide an intuitive reaction to the driver’s inputs.

You will only be able to receive Track Mode V3 on the Model 3 Performance due to its distinctive adaptive suspension. Track Mode V3 gives you more control over the vehicle with a completely redesigned calibration for the powertrain and adaptive suspension. Additionally, you can adjust the car’s handling balance, stability controls, and regenerative braking to your preference.

Another area where Tesla has made significant improvements is the seats. According to the description, the performance will have its system with more comfortable seats, stronger lateral support, and ventilation.

The best news is that the Model 3 Performance won’t be available for long because multiple vehicles prepared for shipping to Europe have been seen in the Shanghai port. Something suggests that by the end of this month, we might get some significant news in this area.

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