Tesla will integrate 5G connectivity into its electric cars and its Optimus robot.

Using 5G, Tesla is trying to provide high-speed internet to its vehicles and one of its upcoming products, the Optimus robot. A step in the direction of building a private network infrastructure and is essential to creating a system that ensures reliable connectivity.

5G connectivity

Chief engineer Pat Ruelke posted the job opportunity on LinkedIn, stating that an engineer is needed to lead this program and push the limits of 5G technology to create a seamless future in which Tesla products connect. Exclusive 5G.

The advertisement for employment emphasizes the requirement for “a dynamic person, capable of solving problems independently and creatively to offer seamless integration and reliable connectivity through your private 5G infrastructure.”

This strategy not only positions Tesla in technology with huge potential to bring benefits through lower latency and higher data transfer speeds, but it also promises to improve the functioning of the company’s products.

However, it is not all advantages, and currently, experts indicate that this entails higher costs and a reduced coverage area.

Tesla’s emphasis on upgrading from 3G and 4G LTE to 5G indicates a logical development in the company’s use of connectivity. Essential to functions like data gathering for fully autonomous driving (FSD) and remote software updates (OTA), which are currently paving the way for the future generation of automobiles and robotics technologies.

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