The 2024 Ford Explorer opens with 602 km of autonomy and a price of 46,562 euros.

Ford Europe has opened the order book for its new electric car, following a somewhat longer than anticipated wait. We are referring to the Explorer, which may currently be found in the manufacturer’s configurator in North America.

2024 Ford Explorer

This SUV will be manufactured in a German facility where the Fiesta was constructed. It will be the company’s first electric vehicle to employ the modular MEB platform developed by the Volkswagen Group.

With a length of 4.56 meters, the Explorer will sit between the Puma (which will soon get an electric variant) and the Mustang Mach-E. It can accommodate five passengers and has a roomy 536-liter trunk.

There will be two iterations. An entry-level vehicle with a 210 kW (286 HP) rear motor that can reach 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds and a 602 km range thanks to a 77 kWh battery. Everything cost 46,562 euros.

It’s interesting to observe that the Spanish configurator’s fine print states that the authorized autonomy was attained using the American EPA cycle. We believe it is an error, and the figure is below the WLTP cycle because, as far as we can recall, the model is neither for sale nor has it completed the homologation procedure in the United States.

2024 Ford Explorer

Given that it shares the engine and batteries with the Volkswagen ID mechanically, this is a very impressive autonomy figure.4. A model that, in its Pro edition, accepts 550 kilometers of WLTP.

The model with two motors and four-wheel drive is the second choice. The Explorer’s power is increased to 340 HP and takes 5.3 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h.

One interesting observation in this instance is that although the battery is listed as 79 kWh, the autonomy is far lower. Due to increased weight, which is a frequent feature of the two-engine versions, this model’s range is just 566 kilometers. That raises the cost to €55,851.

Customers can choose from up to six paint options—one standard, Artic Blue, and five optional—in the optional equipment section. In the extras, we can see that features like the hands-free tailgate, 360-degree camera, parking assistant, and lane maintenance system are all part of a package that will set us back 1,610 euros.

As with the ID.4, the heat pump will not be standard and will cost an additional 1,299 euros. Those interested in installing the trailer hook can do so for 900 euros.

2024 Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer versus its rivals

An Explorer with a five-month delivery window for new orders for both the single and two-engine models will face competition from its sibling, the Volkswagen ID.4, which retails for 48,015 euros in its Pro configuration, which has a single engine and 550 kilometers of WLTP autonomy.

2024 Ford Explorer

The Explorer can come in 1,453 euros less than the Volkswagen, as can be seen. It accomplishes all of this with a design that is a little more sleek and contemporary, better acceleration, and increased autonomy.

It is also far less expensive than the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which in Europe starts at 67,827 euros for its intermediate, more autonomous model with 600 km WLTP. A noticeable advantage for the Explorer, it can accelerate more quickly than the Mustang with rear-wheel drive.

One competitor of the Explorer is the Renault Scenic, which has an 87 kWh pack and can travel 625 km WLTP in its more autonomous version. All of them cost 45,493 euros for this version. Almost the same size as the Explorer.

We never forget about the Model Y Tesla. A bigger plan in terms of size, but not by much in terms of cost. An American model with a 533 km WLTP range and the fastest and most powerful Long Range Dual Motor variant in the comparison, accelerating from 5 seconds to 100 km/h. All for a recently increased price of 51,990 euros.

  • Extended range of the Renault Scenic: 625 km WLTP, 45,493 euros
  • Rear-wheel drive Ford Explorer Long Range: 600 km; 46,562 euros
  • Peugeot e-3008: 46,660 euros, 527 kilometers WLTP
  • VW ID.4 Pro: 550 miles 48,015 euros is the WLTP.
  • Long Range Dual Motor Tesla Model Y: 533 kilometers 51,990 euros is the WLTP.
  • All-wheel drive Ford Explorer Long Range: 566 km WLTP, 55,851 euros
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E ER RWD: 67,827 euros, 600 km WLTP

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