The new generation of the 2025 KIA EV6 sighted will arrive with a new 84 kWh battery.

The KIA EV6 will get an update in 2025, bringing design and technological advancements, including introducing a larger-capacity battery.

 2025 KIA EV6

The 2025 KIA EV6’s initial refurbishment is almost finished. During winter testing in northern Europe, the Korean SUV has been seen and captured on camera.

The heavily camouflaged device in the photographs can be parked next to a current generation unit, which helps us speculate about several details.

Its exterior design will alter for the next model, allowing it to enhance its stats in this area. The light group will also have a new design, and the front will adopt a slightly more aerodynamic shape.

The back will also get some modifications. The most divisive aspect of the EV6 has been its rear, which has virtually equal numbers of fans and critics.

2025 kia ev6

The new 2025 KIA EV6 is anticipated to have an upgraded speech recognition system, the newest infotainment system, and a design akin to the new IONIQ 5, despite the lack of interior photos at this time.

The battery is anticipated to be improved mechanically from its present 77.4 kWh to 84 kWh, which should enable it to surpass the 570 km authorized range and increase its current 528 km of WLTP autonomy.

It’s to be clarified. The pricing issue clarified that the rivalry is becoming increasingly fierce regarding the price. The starting price of the 2025 Kia EV6 in its most economical variant, which has a 58 kWh battery, is ($57,066) 52,800 euros. The more autonomous model achieves this at ($61,173) 56,600 euros.

2025 kia ev6

Numbers that show it to be higher than the segment average. Despite this, it registered 1,141 units in our nation last year, which was 24.4% higher than the previous year, ranking it the 14th best-selling model in Spain.

However, things are moving in a different direction in 2024, as the KIA has only collected 107 units thus far this year, 55% fewer than at the end of the first quarter of 2023. This indicates that the EV6 might have entered a negative registration phase, meaning you’ll need to adjust prices before the new model, which won’t be released until early 2025, arrives.

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