Tesla invented another way to lower the price of its cars

Looking to the future, many companies are integrating “pay-per-use” systems into certain products and equipment. It has been revealed that Tesla could apply it for its heated seats.


Some companies have been in the news for months for implementing this ownership system. The case, for example, of BMW, for example. The German firm incorporated this ‘pay-per-use’ function in some models and on elements such as heated seats. A decision that was not well received by a good part of its clientele. Now, Tesla could be the next to incorporate this modality very soon.

The justification for such an addition is simple: since heated seats are used only a few months a year, the company can charge a monthly fee to install them. It will allow the user to save on the initial purchase of the model, incorporating these amenities later when needed. However, many voices have been raised against it since the price of an electric car is currently not particularly low enough to eliminate functions and request new payments for them.

Tesla could be next.

A leak by the famous Tesla hacker, GreenTheOnly. In the latest investigation into the Tesla Model 3 system, it has been discovered that Elon Musk’s company could charge for installing heating in the front seats in the next software update, the so-called ‘2023.38.8’. This user has earned the respect of many readers for previous leaks about the North American electric car firm, which have later turned out to be true.

It is not the first time that Tesla has integrated this function. Years ago, it did the same on the rear seats. However, the company stopped doing so in the 2022 model, eliminating said paywall and installing it as standard. It also offered paid features on other elements, such as interior lighting for the footwell or additional battery capacity for older Model X or Model S.

Just because the hacker, as mentioned earlier, has found this hidden function in the software update system does not mean that Tesla will necessarily incorporate it. The manufacturer introduced this capability in previous updates, although it did not put it into practice. It means that, as various sources point out, Tesla could be considering adopting it but cannot find the right time to do so.

Tesla’s objective with this move could be to lower the starting price of the Tesla Model 3 while, on the other hand, it could continue to increase its income sometime after the sale of said car. In addition to the seat heating function, the company could apply it to features such as interior lighting or the sound system.

On the other hand, GreenTheOnly has also discovered a portion of the blocked battery in the Model Y, which could substantially increase the autonomy of this vehicle. According to what he points out, this could be unlocked after passing a paywall again, although little is known about this. At the moment, it is not known what the price will be for unlocking these functions, nor if Tesla will implement it in its next update, although it has been seen that the intention exists.

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