Types of electric vehicles and working principle

Today, the popularity of electric vehicles is increasing, whether it is a car or bike, increasing the demand for many electric vehicles, so the government provides discounts.

The biggest reason for this is the initiative being taken by the government given the increasing pollution, and due to the price of petrol and diesel, many people are going towards electric vehicles, but people do not know what kind of vehicle they should take in the market.

type of electric vehicles in india

If you are also going to take or are making up your mind, then know about it, after that you will not have any problem bringing electronic vehicles.


BEV VEHICLE is charged with the help of external electricity, it does not require petrol or diesel to run, the motor power of these vehicles is dependent on the battery. when the battery is exhausted, your vehicle will stop.

Advantages of BEV

  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • It makes very low noise
  • It is an eco-friendly vehicle for our environment

Disadvantages of BEV

  • Not beneficial for long-distance
  • If you live in a high-rise or floor apartment, you may not have to charge facilities.

The charging stations of these vehicles are fewer, due to which there may be a problem in finding the charging station.


In addition to the electric motor in these vehicles, an IC engine is also there, in HEV vehicles engine runs on the battery as long as the power of the battery is exhausted, and the hybrid engine starts with the fuel.

IC engine does not supply power directly to the motor, it first starts the generator from the HYBERIC engine, and the generator charges the battery, and the power is supplied to the motor, and the power supply keeps on charging at the same time.

Example–> You must have seen things like Light, Horn, Indicator in any of your vehicles, all of them run from the battery installed in that vehicle and not directly give power to the foul engine from petrol, diesel or else power is different supply from which the vehicle. It automatically charges the battery when it is running.

Advantages of HEV

  • Use less fuel than other vehicles,
  • It has a Regenerative Braking System, due to which the battery starts charging again when it breaks.

Disadvantages of HEV

  • More maintenance costs.
  • Battery replacement is expensive.
  • Accident from High Voltage in Batteries

3. Plug-in hybrid vehicles

The concept of HEV Vehicle used in these vehicles, the only difference is in the size of the battery and charged with an external electricity plug-in.

Advantages of PHEV

  • It uses less petroleum, uses about 30% to 60% less petroleum than other vehicles
  • Re-charge takes time
  • Beneficial for long-distance travel

Disadvantages of PHEV

  • These vehicles are expensive.
  • I am complicated to maintain it.
  • Gasoline is flammable and needed in the car. Along with that, they charged batteries as well, and it’s a lot more than the typical hybrid. If a collision occurs, the likelihood of hazards increases.

Require Components used in the vehicle

Electric battery – It stores power and provides energy to run the motor of the EV.

Inverter – Controller maintains this EV balances it and determines the flow of power in the EV when how much power is to be known, assume that it is the mind of the EV, which makes it follow the command given by the driver.

Electric motor – The source of power in an EV is its battery which provides power to the motor, which causes the motor vehicle to rotate.

Controller – Controller BALANCE by maintaining this EV and determines the flow of power in the EV that when how much power is to be known, in a way, assume that it is the mind of the EV, which makes it follow the command given by the driver.

Transmission – The energy released from the battery is transferred, through the motor transmission, which rotates or pushes the EV’s wheels, which brings in EV speed, ensuring that your EV continues to get SMOOT power supply.

Thermal system – Any machine which works for a long time, starts heating problem occurs in EV, the battery heats up due to overwork, due to which a pipe is passed from side to side for cooling, in which Glycol Liquid It is cold which does not allow the battery to heat much.

DC/DC converter – It converts high DC power from a traction battery pack to low voltage DC to power, and other EV accessories like horns, light, etc

Charging port – Charging port which gives a medium to charge the EV which also charges the battery

Onboard charging – It fitted inside the EV, it converts the electricity coming from the charging port into DC, which charges the battery, and it syncs with the charging equipment as well as this Voltage, Temperature during charging and also takes care of the state of charge

How to use Battery?

The lithium-Ion used in an electric vehicle is not a different type of battery. And it is used to run your phone, laptop, remote, watch, and connected in large quantities so that it can power it.

FAQ/Frequently Asked Question

Q.1-Is an electric car good for long trips?

Let us tell you that electric car is also accessible for long journeys, most electric car charging once gives you more than 300 to 450 range in just one single charge, which will make your long-distance easy without any tension.

Q.2- Can I charge an electric car at home?

You can also charge it at home, the company installs a charging system at your home, so that you can charge the car overnight, which will be a little late-charging as compared to the charging station.

Q.3- Is It Right To Buy Electric Vehicles Now?

If you want to buy an EV, then you can take it because now the government is also giving many types of discounts on EVs and is rapidly developing the infrastructure of EV charging stations so that you will not face any problem in charging now. Not fully developed, but soon you will get to see charging stations everywhere.

Q.4- Do electric vehicles have a future?

The future of electric vehicles is going to be very bright, as the price of petrol, diesel, and rising pollution levels are increasing due to which both the people and the government are turning to EV, which will greatly benefit the environment along with the country’s GDP and we will get crude,

One will not have to depend on any other country for oil and given the future of Electric Car Manufacturing Companies, many companies are launching their electric vehicles in the market, and their stocks are also increasing rapidly.


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