Galaxy E8: acceleration of 3.49 seconds to 100 km/h, 45-inch 8K screen, and cheaper than the Tesla Model 3

When discussing a new automobile, we often mention its primary characteristics and beginning cost. Sadly, there are instances when “price from features to” is used. However, in the case of the new model from the Geely Group, the Galaxy E8, we have included an estimate of the maximum price in the range and the characteristics of the most powerful version in the headline. We shall now examine what makes it so remarkable.

Galaxy E8

Additionally, Geely has begun selling the new E8 in China. With its 5.01 meters in length, spacious cabin, and aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.19 Cd, this concept puts it above the competition in the Tesla Model S sector.

It comes with a lot of equipment, including primary and high-performance versions that add special features like wheels and colors that are only available in this version.

The center of attention is a massive 45-inch screen that spans the entire dashboard. A 45-inch 8K panel that provides information for the driver as well as entertainment options, including the ability to play games, stream content to the passenger, and watch together while the car is stopped. The potent Snapdragon 8295 processor manages everything.

There are twelve Infinity speakers, two wireless mobile charging zones, various object storage compartments, cloud-style seats with massage and ventilation, and a Head-Up display among the endless amenities.

Based on Geely’s SEA platform, which companies like Smart and Volvo utilize, the Geely Galaxy E8 boasts an entry-level model with a 200 kW rear motor fueled by a 62 kWh LFP battery. Its range is 550 km (CLTC), and runs on a 400 V system.

The second iteration of the E8 is equipped with a 76 kWh, 665 km CLTC LFP battery and the same electric motor. Zeekr developed the Golden Brick battery, which has a packing density of 83.7% and is more resilient to temperature fluctuations. It can also access ultra-fast charges, allowing it to recharge 500 km of autonomy in just 15 minutes.

With two motors and a maximum power of 475 kW (636 HP), the third version can reach 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. With a range of 620 km CLTC, an 800V variant enables you to access ultra-fast charges that can get you from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes.

The Geely Galaxy E8 can be purchased for the access version for 175,800 yuan (22,0349 euros) or a fantastic 228,800 yuan (about 29,000 euros) for the performance variant.

Are these costs reasonable? We could contrast them with the Chinese prices of 245,900 yuan for the Tesla Model 3 Standard or 285,900 yuan for the Long Range Dual Motor variant. Something that demonstrates the intense degree of competition that Chinese brands are facing.

A Galaxy E8 has begun deliveries this March in China.

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