The most robust and professional Tesla Model Y has only two seats and more autonomy.

A Tesla Model Y is adapted for transporting goods but can also be used as an emergency vehicle. And there is a country that wants to sell it.

Tesla Model Y

A more bizarre Tesla is set to become a reality—forget the Cybertruck or Roadster. It’s an electric SUV with just two seats for business use. It will be restricted in supply when it launches soon.

There is a significant amount of space in the back of the Model Y thanks to Tesla’s new arrangement, which only has two seats.

Clément Maguet, senior account manager at Tesla, revealed the unveiling of this new car on his LinkedIn page yesterday in France.

In standard configuration, the Model Y is an incredibly roomy car. Thus, as you might understand, there is a sizable cargo volume—2,158 liters—behind the front seats, even though only two seats are accessible. The answer is straightforward: to prevent packages from getting to the seats, the back seats have been removed, and a stopper has been positioned behind the seats.

It is a vehicle designed with businesses and independent contractors in mind or clientele who are professionals committed to delivering commodities. Modifying the back section to function as an emergency vehicle is possible.

Another exciting feature is its 565 kilometers of autonomy in the WLTP cycle—roughly 32 kilometers more than the Model Y Large’s conventional passenger autonomy—a significant person to handle delivery duties in any major city and surrounding areas.

The pricing of this limited-edition Model Y, which will only be sold in France, has yet to be disclosed by Tesla. We also are still determining if it will spread to other nations, but the success or failure of this approach in France will undoubtedly impact that choice.

The firm is inviting interested potential consumers to get in touch with them. From March 4 to July 30, the brand will display this two-seater Model Y in its French showrooms.

Vehicles with two or three seats utilized for business are not subject to VAT in France. Maguet claims that there are presently 6.3 million commercial vehicles in France, most of which are diesel. The American firm hopes to offer a less expensive, zero-emission substitute with this Model Y. The experiment is fascinating, so we’ll see how it goes.

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