Dacia’s greatest success will become a cheap and direct alternative to the Toyota Yaris Cross

Dacia’s greatest success will become a cheap and direct alternative to the Toyota Yaris Cross

Dacia could launch the cheapest hybrid SUV on the market by adopting the name of one of its greatest successes, although this launch is not expected to happen anytime soon.

Dacia's greatest success

The Dacia Sandero is the best-selling car on the Spanish market and the second best-selling car in all of Europe, only behind the Peugeot 208. The model, however, suffers from hybrid mechanics like its group brother, the Renault Clio, or the reference in the category, the Toyota Yaris, which also enjoys an SUV version in the Yaris Cross. And that is precisely where the Romanian firm is pointing with the last of the comments that have come to light.

The author of the same has been Xavier Martinet, head of Marketing and Sales of Dacia, who also gave the keys to the Dacia Bigster an expected model that will position itself as the older brother of the Dacia Duster. Now, the manager gives a clue about a model by an approach that will be below the Duster, which will grow significantly and will be postulated as a tougher alternative and prepared for use in the field and work, which leaves space below to design a new model.

Autocar highlights the conversation with Martinet: “Actually we are trying to separate the Sandero and the Sandero Stepway. It is something that we have been carrying out concretely. There is something that we will see between the Stepway and the Duster because we think there is room to differentiate them more.

Currently, the difference between the Sandero and its Stepway version lies in the addition of typical SUV components in its body, such as bumpers and black plastic protections in the lower parts of it, as well as a suspension with more ground clearance and the use of roof bars. All these solutions, taken together, give the model an image close to that of an SUV.

Dacia's greatest success

With the arrival of the Bigster in the range and the evolution of the Duster towards a slightly more off-road format with a presumable height gain, Dacia has enough space below it to offer an economical alternative to the Toyota Yaris Cross, something that is not It seems difficult for the brand, since Renault currently has a direct alternative to the Japanese model with the Captur E-Tech Full Hybrid for the same price, so if this platform passes through the hands of Dacia and they apply their formula, the result It will be a compact SUV that, in its most affordable version, will have a price similar to the Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140, which starts at 24,200 euros.

With this, and taking into account that the Dacia brand is increasingly perceived better by the public, the firm may consider exceeding the 113,000 units that Toyota marketed last year in Europe of the Yaris Cross, a model starting at 25,950 euros in Spain.

However, An early arrival on the market by the new model is not expected. The current generation of the Sandero has been on sale since 2020 if the SUV version arrives with a new generation. It will not be least until 2025, when the brand presents it, with an arrival on the market that would not take place until 2026.

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