The Electric 2024 Porsche Macan costs the same as the gasoline model and offers a range of 600 km.

Without a doubt, one of the Stuttgart company’s most significant models is the Macan. Since its 2014 release, this midsize SUV (D category) has been a consistent best-seller in the range, sharing the top spot with its older brother, the Cayenne (E segment), for more than ten years.

2024 Porsche Macan

Despite being older, the Macan sold 87,355 units last year, almost matching the number of Cayenne sales (87,553 delivered). Because of its great strategic significance, more than one or two people were taken aback to learn that its second generation would use electricity.

The Macan thermal will no longer be marketed in Europe this spring as a result of new cybersecurity restrictions, it will still be available in certain countries for a time. As a result, the recently unveiled electric Macan will be the sole substitute. Can he continue to achieve the same level of success as his predecessor?

To respond to this query, we will examine each offer in detail. There are presently four different petrol Macan versions available: Macan (265 HP, starting at 79,693 euros), Macan T (265 HP, starting at 85,411 euros), Macan S (380 HP, starting at 93,313 euros), and Macan GTS (440 HP, starting at 112,272 euros). The Macan 4 (387 HP, priced at 85,382 euros) and Macan Turbo (584 HP, priced at 116,914 euros) comprise the electrified range.

Electric Porsche Macan can be charged in just 21 minutes

Although the Macan 4 is comparable to the Macan T in terms of pricing, it is really on par with the more costly Macan S in terms of power. Although the Macan Turbo is somewhat more expensive than the Macan GTS, its performance is on a whole other level. The newcomer is fiercely competitive when compared to equivalent models of its predecessor. Additionally, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that a rear-wheel drive model would be offered later as an access proposal, as was previously the case with the Taycan.

2024 Porsche Macan

Porsche’s newest model, the Macan Turbo, has a range of 592 km WLTP (Macan Turbo) and 613 km WLTP (Macan 4), making it an electric vehicle appropriate for a variety of uses, including long-distance travel. On the other hand, it can charge at 270 kW in direct current thanks to its 800-volt electrical architecture, reaching 80% of the battery in just 21 minutes. Figures that, even in the absence of its commercial success, should be able to persuade the previous Macan’s target market to switch to electric mobility.

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