10 Major benefits of electric vehicles

In this article, you will read the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles. In which what is an electric vehicle? And its advantages and disadvantages are explained in easy language.

benefits of electric vehicles

What is Electric Vehicle?

With the help of scientific techniques, man has made a lot of progress in the modern era. New inventions are being made almost every day to make the life of people convenient. Electricity is by far the best invention in entire human history.

Every vehicle driven by an electric motor by obtaining energy or electricity from a battery is called an electric vehicle. Let us tell you that the emission of electric vehicles is much less than the vehicles that run on the help of fuel.

The popularity of electric vehicles began in the mid-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries. In today’s time, the dominance of electric vehicles can be seen on a wide scale.

Such electric vehicles are very different in comparison to other vehicles that run on fuel. Handling locomotives or fuel-powered vehicles require more energy and force than electric vehicles, but this is not the case in these vehicles.

10 advantages of electric vehicle

Before buying any item, you should know everything about it thoroughly. If you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle, then you must know its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles are given as follows-

1. Eco-friendly or Safe Environment

Protection of the environment is the priority of every human being. We all know how the environment is harmed by every fuel-powered vehicle. The CO 2, CO emitted from vehicles affects the environment.

But now we have found a solution or alternative for this also. The best feature of electric vehicles is that it is completely eco-friendly. Hev does not allow environmental damage due to Phev, HEV model vehicle.

2. More convenient 

The structure of electric vehicles is quite simple and comfortable. Talking about fuel-powered vehicles, they have to work very hard to run.
Sometimes accidents also happen due to not working brakes or gears properly. Electric vehicles are one of the convenient inventions of modernity. The drawbacks which used to be in ordinary vehicles are not in electric vehicles.

3. Less noise pollution

No one likes the crackling sound that comes out of vehicles running with the help of fuel. The main feature of electric vehicles is pollution-free as well as noise-free. Ev vehicle reduces Noise pollution as well.

4. Low Maintenance Cost

Electric motors are used to drive electric vehicles, due to which less maintenance is required. Furthermore, the cooling to a temperature of an electric engine is not as needed as for a combustion engine.

5. Fuelless

Day by day the rising prices of petrol, and diesel have become a matter of concern for every driver. But electric vehicles do not require the use of any fuel to operate.

These fuel-free vehicles prove to be a very economical option compared to other vehicles in today’s era.

6. Low Fee Parking

In today’s time, hundreds of vehicles are seen running chaotically on the roads. In a situation, a fixed place is made to park the vehicles so that there is no violation of traffic rules. There is a substantial fee to be paid for parking vehicles powered by fuel.

Fees charged is low in parking electric vehicles. And At some places, electric vehicles get profit due to free parking.

7. Saving Natural Resources

By using engineless vehicles, not only are we saving our property, but we are also helping in making nature pollution-free.

If a dense population keeps using the natural resources on earth every moment, then resources can be exhausted within a few centuries.

Electric vehicles are saving natural resources. By doing this, not only are helping nature but also the generations to come.

8. Growing Popularity in India

The popularity of electric vehicles can be clearly seen in the world today. In today’s era, the operation of electric vehicles is increasing very fast in many big countries too.

In India, now electric vehicles are being produced rapidly through industries like Tesla, Tata, Mahindra, and many other industries.

9. Subsidy Benefits

If you buy an electric vehicle in cash, you can get a great discount. The Delhi government is also giving subsidies on the purchase of electric vehicles. The Indian government is also providing subsidies and tax benefits on electric vehicles.


There is very little competition in the electric vehicle manufacturing industry. Due to the popularity of electric vehicles, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing in the future.
If the investment is made in the manufacturing of electric vehicles, then a huge profit made in the future. The present time is a golden investment opportunity.

You probably know that many countries whose importance is only because of the fuel they get from here. The economy of many countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, etc. is running on fuel sales only.

If the number of fuel-powered vehicles suddenly decreases, then epidemics can also occur in these countries. For this reason, the popularity of electric vehicles, which are fuelless can prove to be a headache for fuel-producing countries.

In this article, you read the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles in Hindi. Hope you liked this article. If you found this informative, then do share it.


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