Rivian takes everyone by surprise by announcing the launch of two unique models.

As the R2—the brand’s third passenger car—was being introduced, Rivian shocked the public by revealing two more models—the R3 and R3X, which will be the smallest in the lineup.


All preparations were in place for Rivian to unveil the R2, its third manufacturing vehicle, to the public on March 7, 2024. And so it has transpired. We discovered the first information about the direct competitor of the Tesla Model Y during a thrilling evening that featured the company’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, as master of ceremonies.

We still have plenty of time to get it with us because it will be on sale in the middle of 2026. Nobody anticipated or understood that Rivian would use the opportunity to introduce not one but two new models: the Rivian R3 and R3X. There still needs to be a set date for their arrival. Therefore, they will be the least expensive members of the family.

Everyone knew what R2 was. The business has made many announcements and recently given sneak peeks at its third model. Nonetheless, Rivian has concealed the construction of two vehicles dubbed the most well-liked in the family.

There isn’t much information about them because we have yet to determine when they will launch. We know they will be the smallest, enabling Rivian to join the global C-SUV market, which is the most well-liked in Europe.

Most miniature models of the house are supported on a new platform.

The firm of RJ Scaringe formally declared its foray into new markets a few weeks ago. With its smaller fleet, it will cross the border from the United States into the Old Continent.

Not before 2027, but later, as far as predictions go, will be the arrival of the following two units after the R2. While the R2 is intended to retail for $45,000, it is conceivable—or at least plausible—that the R3 and R3X will be introduced to the market with prices of $35,000 or even less.

Upon initial observation, it is evident that these items are entirely distinct from the ones we are already familiar with under the Rivian logo. The iconic logo of the company, consisting of two oval headlights connected by a conspicuous LED strip, is located on the front.

Although the C-pillar displays a steep drop we had not seen in any other house type, the rectangular lines are kept. The compact dimensions of the short cantilevers are around 4.5 meters. The tremendous headlight, the unsubtle Rivian lettering, and the partitioned trunk lid—which will provide its users a great deal of flexibility—stand out at the back.

The R3X variant will accentuate Rivian’s naturally daring personality. The car’s body will undergo minor visual adjustments and minor design enhancements in specific areas. On the other hand, various attachments are available, including a folding module that can be used as a tent, a bicycle rack, and a roof rack. It is anticipated that the optional catalog will include each of these components.

Rivian’s performance has mostly stayed the same. Similar to the R2, the R3 and R3X will be built on a brand-new platform with 4695 cells. A brand-new battery type that enables excellent performance at minimal usage.

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