The design of the Rivian R2 is leaked. It’s a most compact proposal that will fight in the Tesla Model Y segment

This year, Rivian plans to add a new member to its family with a concept that is smaller and less expensive than the R1. A Rivian R2 was recently spotted in uncamouflaged testing, revealing its ultimate design to us.

 Rivian R2 is leaked

Furthermore, Rivian is now struggling to boost output while going through the typical ordeal that young businesses go through. A stage in which money is produced in small batches and burnt in huge volumes. However, there comes a time when increasing the volume is required. Something they intend to try with the next R2.

This model will be unveiled live on March 7th, but in the interim, some images have surfaced that show us what the production version of the model will look like. Notably, the R2 will retain the differential line with a front that features its distinctive two lights that make it easy to identify.

An SUV with an approximate length of 4.8 meters will be very different from the R1S, which, as we all recall, has a body that extends to 5.1 meters.

Because of this, we will be able to provide a more affordable variant, which Rivian has stated would cost between $40,000 and $50,000. That is a considerable discount from the R1S’s “from” price of $74,900.

These aspects will surely make it easier for North Americans who have been testing and completing homologation procedures in our market for some time to land in Europe. They could carve out a niche for themselves with an innovative and daring proposal is generate good sales numbers in the US.

It’s also unclear how the propulsion engine and batteries will work. Rivian will need to reduce the performance of the R1S and R1T models, which feature a propulsion system with a maximum available power of 397 kW (532 HP) and four-wheel drive that may fit into an R2 if it wishes to release a model for less than $40,000.

With 105 kWh, the battery is undoubtedly the R1T’s entry-level model and should provide an EPA range of about 500 km.

Responds that, as previously said, we will find out during its formal presentation on March 7.

Source- Rivian

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