Xpeng will launch a land-based eVTOL aircraft carrier in 2025.

Nearly everyone already understands that Chinese firms are moving at a different pace. However, the most recent news goes above and beyond. Furthermore, the Chinese company Xpeng active in Europe, would introduce a genuine land aircraft carrier to the market in 2025. That is a completely absurd idea that combines an electric vehicle with a people-transporting drone.

land-based eVTOL aircraft

This idea, known as the “Land Aircraft Carrier,” has been seen being moved by a crane while concealing its body. Despite this, we can assume that we are dealing with something distinct, beginning with a six-wheel, three-axle setup that will provide 6×6 traction.

The propulsion system has not yet been verified. It may include a range extender. The cabin accommodates four to five passengers.

The design initially seems similar to a cross between the Hyundai Staria and the Tesla Cybertruck, with a land vehicle (truck, minivan, etc.) body that can hold an eVTOL inside fully. An electric two-person vertical takeoff vehicle.

According to Xpeng, Integrated three-dimensional transportation is the goal of the eVTOL. When the weather permits, the foldable deformation system allows the arms to be opened and converted to flight mode, enabling vertical takeoff and landing. In ground mode, the arms, rotors, and other flying components may all be fully folded and stowed inside the trunk.

land-based eVTOL aircraft

The parachute on the flying vehicle is a safety element that can function even at very low altitudes. An advancement that can fully activate the security system from 50 meters above the ground, as opposed to the more than 200 meters needed for a normal system.

Xpeng has stated that this is not a straightforward design exercise, that they will open orders in the second half of next year, and that they will do so with a base price of between 750 thousand and 1 million yuan, which in exchange is “just” between 95,250 and 128,300 euros. That is the most striking thing of all, and striking things in this proposal.

Too good to be real? It’s conceivable, but it’s also feasible that Xpeng, which is going through a critical phase of development and will be forced to increase its manufacturing capacity and extend markets, might use this notion as a highly effective marketing tool.

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