Bugatti says goodbye to the W16: its next gem will have a V16 block with a hybrid system.

After confirming that the turbocharged W16’s time was running out, Bugatti declared that its upcoming model, powered by a V16, would be the first to embrace the electrified age.

Bugatti says goodbye to the W16

An era is coming to an end. There is no going back from electrification; it will eventually affect all manufacturers. Not everyone will convey it in the same manner or using the same ideas. Bugatti, one of the world’s priciest and most exclusive brands, has just revealed a momentous shift.

The French are putting the finishing touches on their newest gem. Although its name and shape are still unknown, we now know what kind of engine it will feature. Because of the massive V16 engine and hybrid setup, this will be the first-ever electrified Bugatti in history. It is now official to make the announcement.

The Volkswagen Group made Bugatti’s comeback to the global stage possible. The Germans purchased the storied French brand to make it the world’s most coveted. Despite suffering significant losses with its debut vehicle, the Veyron, the firm has expanded throughout the years as a champion of luxury and technology.

Despite this, Bugatti remains a very successful and lucrative brand today. Now that they’ve attained financial stability, Chiron can investigate novel mechanical solutions. The eight-liter, four-turbo W16 has been replaced. Benefits are guaranteed, but they will be returned.

Bugatti says goodbye to the W16

Without previous data, but with a sound that scares

The first automobile in production to break the 1,000 horsepower mark was the Veyron. That was increased to 1,500 horsepower by the Chiron, and its successor ought to surpass that amount. The presentation is scheduled for June of next year, and while there are still a lot of unknowns, the most significant details have already been revealed.

Bugatti said in the middle of the previous year that the W16 engine would be phased out in favor of an electric vehicle. Molsheim needs to realize battery-powered mobility, but it’s a start. Bugatti will launch at least its first electric vehicle within the next ten years.

There was a lot of anticipation over the W16’s replacement, and the brand has announced via social media that it will be a hybrid block with 16 V-shaped cylinders that is most likely a plug-in hybrid. The shift is significant given that we are discussing a considerably larger and heavier engine than the existing one.

We say this because of the electrical component that will be included and because the motor will require a lot more room. This shouldn’t be a significant issue, considering the present Bugatti is hardly the pinnacle of volumetric discretion.

No performance statistics are available now, but it makes sense to assume that the French will do better than they are now. If electrification is employed, breaking the 1,500 horsepower barrier will be easier for Bugatti, depending on its unique situation. Next June, we shall dispel any confusion.

Mate Rimac is directing this new production. The two businesses combined in 2021 to become the Bugatti Rimac firm, and the Croatian engineer is the most qualified person to lead the organization to new heights. That labor is beginning to pay off.

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