Ford pays more than double what it costs for a Tesla Cybertruck; Musk believes it is “worth it.”

In the car industry, industrial espionage is a prevalent practice. Ford has obtained a copy of the Tesla Cybertruck so that it may be thoroughly examined to uncover its secrets.

costs for a Tesla Cybertruck

Car manufacturers try their hardest to keep the details of their breakthroughs under wraps throughout the development stage. However, secrecy is rapidly lost when the product is on the market. It is common knowledge that businesses copy one another in an attempt to adopt the most notable traits of their competitors. This happens in a lot of sectors, including autos. Ford and Tesla are two recent examples. The Michigan business paid a significant amount of money to purchase a Tesla Cybertruck with the express intent of dismantling it entirely for research.

Ford’s actions are pretty typical. Both the earlier and latter instances will number in the thousands. When the Japanese engineers disassembled the brand-new Porsche 911 GT3 that Honda had purchased years earlier, they discovered a note from their German colleagues that said, “Good luck, Honda, from Porsche.” I’ll see you over there. It’s unclear if Ford has faced something comparable, but the business wants to learn its biggest adversary’s greatest guarded secrets—and the darkest corners—.

The secrets of the Cybertruck revealed by Ford engineers

The Oval residents have previously gotten information from their Austin counterparts. Elon Musk wrote a letter to Ford CEO Jim Farley at the end of the previous year, offering advice and specifics on maximizing the performance of his electric cars.

The company’s head acknowledged receipt of the letter and promised careful consideration of the facts it included. While the brands compete with one another, they also work together to accomplish shared goals. Several analysts have taken notice of some aspects of this case.

According to reports, Ford purchased its own Cybertruck for $250K. The transaction was made through a Porsche dealer to try and hide the operation. Musk made some intriguing remarks when he was already at that intermediate stage. Subsequently, he stated that Porsche should enhance its electrical systems to correspond with its “combustion abilities” and urged the Germans to uncover several secrets through disassembly. Ultimately, Ford will be responsible for completing the assignment rather than Porsche.

Although the Cybertruck is available for less than half the price, the price is quite steep, but many in Michigan want to avoid standing in a queue. Still undisassembled, the device was found at one of the company’s covert sites.

Ford intends to utilize its facility for comprehensive analysis and testing. Ford naturally declined to comment, but Elon Musk sent a message via X, the previous Twitter platform: “It’s worth it.”

We’ll see what Ford engineers come up with and see if those Tesla secrets are applied.

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