An arson attack paralyzes the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin.

Due to electrical sabotage on Tuesday, the 5th, Tesla’s Gigafactory, which is 30 kilometers southeast of Berlin and the company’s only location in Europe with over 12,000 employees, is entirely paralyzed until next week. The whole facility, as well as the neighboring towns, are without supplies as a result of the arson attempt on a high-voltage tower next to the industry.

Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin

Since it is not anticipated that operations would restart until next week at the latest, the plant was evacuated without incident, and its employees were sent home without indicating when they would return. The plant’s director, André Thierig, made these claims in remarks that Automotive News published. He projects that Tesla must pay a sum “in the nine-digit euro range” for this.

«Tens of thousands of people are in peril and have lost their necessities. Such a sabotage act would be met with the utmost rigors from the rule of law. There will be repercussions for this, stated Michael Stuebgen, the state of Brandenburg’s interior minister, in a statement.

In addition to dwellings, this act of vandalism has also caused collateral damage to hospitals and households, as the Volcano Group (Vulkangruppe) has previously acknowledged. «We compromised Tesla today. The group claimed responsibility for the fire in a letter, saying, “They consume land, resources, people, workers, and in return, they spit out 6,000 SUVs, killer cars, and monster trucks every week.”

It is essential to put things in perspective at this moment. In addition to many locals’ opposition to the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, since the brand’s inception in 2019, the flame has been stoked by its desire to extend its operations. In a non-binding public poll, the locals opposed the expansion, which required clearing around 100 hectares of forest.

Almost a hundred environmental activists have set up camp in front of the Tesla facility as part of many in-person protests that have been happening in the region in addition to all of the above. Politicians now have the authority to approve permits for the Tesla Gigafactory’s development.

In 2021, the factory’s energy supply was already pulled down. For his part, Elon Musk reacted quickly on social media to this latest attack, saying on his network that Earth is the puppets of people who do not have vital environmental aims. It would be foolish to stop producing electric cars instead of ones that run on fossil fuels.

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