Alfa Romeo confirms the arrival of a large electric car

Alfa Romeo confirms the arrival of a large electric car

The United States is in the crosshairs of Alfa Romeo. The Italian manufacturer has begun the development of an important full-size vehicle with which it hopes to gain a foothold in this highly competitive North American market.

A model that remains to be seen if it will be a sedan or an SUV. It will be 100% electric and will deal in segment E.

Alfa Romeo has launched all the machinery intending to carry out an ambitious product offensive. The arrival on the scene of the new Tonale is just the spearhead of a long list of releases that we will experience for years to come.

Alfa Romeo confirms the arrival of a large electric car

One of the projects that are on the agenda is a completely new model that, little or nothing, will have to do with the aforementioned compact SUV.

The United States is in the crosshairs of Alfa Romeo. And to gain a foothold in this competitive market, there is nothing better than betting on a large vehicle.

A model that will deal with the E segment and of which there are many unknowns. However, some recent statements put this project back into the spotlight and confirm a very relevant issue.

The development of an Alfa Romeo designed especially for the United States begins

For a considerable time, Alfa Romeo’s intention to assault the E segment has been well known. The top leader of the Italian company has commented on more than one occasion that, sooner or later, they will enter this category.

A category is important in certain markets like North America. Now, Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, has confirmed that they are already working on this model.

For the moment, Imparato has refused to give specific details about this highly anticipated model that, for a while, has been known as Alfa Romeo Castello.

However, after a long list of reports, the company itself warned that a decision on the type of bodywork had not been made. 

Will it be an SUV or a sedan? 

Whatever it is, the fact that they are already working on this project underlines that the roadmap established years ago continues to progress at a good pace.

Within the framework of the commercial launch of the new Tonale in Japan, the CEO of Alfa Romeo has highlighted the need to be present in the E segment in North America: “We will have to be in the E segment in North America. We are working on it”.

An SUV or a sedan? The eternal question of Alfa Romeo

The arrival of this new model will be key to boosting Alfa Romeo’s sales figures in the region. Imparato has warned that this new model does not need to be a crossover to have a place in the range.

The shift to electric cars that Alfa Romeo has initiated places great importance on aerodynamics, he said, and that opens the door for sedans or more creative options on traditional segment archetypes.

It will be in 2024 when the decision will be made on what shape the body of this new model will have. It will hit the scene sometime in 2027 and will be a fully electric vehicle.

Alfa Romeo will make sportiness the hallmark of its next electric vehicles: “I need to transfer the concept of performance. We will be a high-performance EV,” said the leader of the Italian company.

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