31 countries have reached the tipping point of 5% electric car sales

New technology adoption has always had a challenging uptake curve. Consider the commercial complexity of color televisions in 1950, which resulted in a low sales rate a decade later. They were costly and challenging to erect. Something like what’s happening to electric automobiles, which, according to Bloomberg, are approaching the 5% sales share turning point.

electric car sales

According to this data, 19 countries sold more electric cars in a quarter in 2019 than the 5% share achieved. By the end of 2023, that number had increased to 31 markets.

Sales in the first markets to reach this threshold have surged dramatically; in just four years, for instance, in Southeast Asian and European nations that have reached this threshold, the percentages have gone from 5% to 25%.

The growth factor in “S” provides the analysts at Bloomberg with an explanation. That suggests that the product expands slowly throughout the first phase. Anything observed on television. However, their sales immediately soar if they manage to evolve, offering better features and more competitive costs.

The analysis points to a virtuous loop that is not evolving in the same way. Take the United States, for instance, which saw 5% of sales in 2021. However, the percentage remained relatively stable at 8.1% in 2023. And Extremely dissimilar from the average of 18.1% attained by the 20 markets whose sales exceeded 5% in 2019.

It is expected that both South Korea and the United States will reach this percentage by 2024, as Bloomberg reports that no nation has taken more than three years to go from 5% to 15%.

electric car sales

However, there are also good instances, like Thailand. In the first quarter of 2023, this market grew by 5%. From then on, it saw a real sales explosion, increasing its share to 13% in the final quarter of that year.

We also have examples from Europe. In the third quarter of 2023, Turkey’s sales exceeded the 5% barrier, and in the fourth quarter, they soared to become one of the major markets in Europe for electric car sales, accounting for 9% of total sales.

Naturally, Bloomberg notes that adoption is not linear, even when it surpasses 5%, and that variables like supply chain issues, economic downturns, and company bankruptcies may have a short-term impact on sales.

Despite this, sales of electric vehicles have increased this year, rising by 22% over last. A number denotes a brief downturn that will hopefully made up for in later years.

Some marketplaces are developed, and others are still in the early stages of development due to uneven implementation.

electric car sales

Two-thirds of global sales of electric cars are reported to come from nations where the percentage of sales has surpassed 5%. That indicates registrations are still in the early stages of the acceptance curve in locations.

According to Bloomberg, nations like Poland, India, and Indonesia are almost at or above the 5% threshold, while in South America, the significant investments and growth of Chinese manufacturers are paving the way for other regions, like Brazil, to ignite the spark of electric car sales.

Source- Bloomberg

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