Studies confirm that the lack of preparation of dealers is a brake for the electric car.

According to a study published in the German magazine Auto Motor Sport, there is an unsettling truth. The lack of readiness of most brand dealers is another obstacle electric cars must overcome in light of their high costs and loan rates.

 brake for the electric car.

After visiting the dealerships of brands in secret to assess the state of the German commercial scene, not a single sales network was able to persuade the analysts.

The performance of the remaining 26 sales networks was deemed subpar, and the top eight dealer networks received the lowest rating of “least satisfactory.”

During the analysis, 1,080 dealers were examined, and criteria such as the quality of advice, the analysis of needs the offer of test drives, the presentation of the cars, and the behavior of the sellers were evaluated.

Visitors expressed interest in combustion engines in 527 cases, while 553 said they would like to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle.

The 34 distribution networks had an average score of 55 points. Porsche has the strongest dealer network in Germany, based on data scoring only 65 out of 100. With 63 to 61 points, Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mini, Skoda, Land Rover, and Nissan are in second place. Jaguar dropped the most from second spot to eighteenth place in 2024 compared to last year.

With 58 points, VW finished in 13th place, and even the newcomer MG Motor is only one point behind Tesla (9th place) in 11th place, ahead of the leader of the German market.

Ford trails Volkswagen by just one point in 15th position and is just one point ahead of Kia, which is in last place with just 46 points. Mercedes is in 18th place, Smart is in 23rd place, and Opel is in 31st place.

The brands that improved the most were Renault, increasing by 10 points compared to the previous year, from 19 to 11, Cupra (+8 points, from 15 to 9), and Volvo (+7, from 17 to 14).

Analysts claim that even with the poor overall performance, dealers have some convincing areas. “Porsche, Lexus, Cupra, Mini, and Skoda offer guidance that is of a good quality. At Porsche, BMW, Skoda, Audi, Mini, Nissan, and Lexus customer service is second to none. Mini and Volkswagen are the leaders in alternative-propulsion vehicles; BMW and Porsche stand out for their overall aesthetic appeal.”

Via: Auto Motor und Sport

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