5 Reasons Why Corolla Cross is so popular and the best car

5 Reasons Why Corolla Cross is so popular and the best car

What does it take for a vehicle to be your everyday companion?

Whether it’s weekend adventures off the beaten path or weekday road trips with the whole crew, it needs the versatility to be ready for anything. 

That’s exactly where the Toyota Corolla (Corolla Cross is so popular) cross comes in. A bold addition to the Corolla family that mixes utility and capability into the incredible Corolla form formula. 

That makes it a serious contender not within the small crossover segment but allows it to go toe to toe against vehicles from more utility-based segments. 

5 Reasons Why Corolla Cross is so popular

That even includes pickups like the 2022 Ford Maverick. Find that hard to believe? 

Then let’s go over five reasons why Corolla Cross is so popular and a better all-rounder than Maverick XLT.


  • Corolla Cross (Corolla Cross is so popular) is an ideal all-around travel vehicle for active lifestyles with nearly identical ground clearance. 
  • As Ford Maverick, Corolla Cross is a perfect companion for light off-highway driving and outdoor adventures. 
  • When those road conditions are less than ideal, the corolla Cross makes it easy (Corolla Cross is so popular) to outfit all-wheel drive for added traction. 
  • Meanwhile, Ford Maverick XLT provides an all-wheel drive option, but it requires upgrading to the 20 EcoBoost powertrain, making significantly more expensive proposition.

Moving Buddy

Up against Ford Maverick XLT. There’s no shortage of functional space inside Corolla Cross (Corolla Cross is so popular), which simplifies everything from big grocery runs to full apartment moves. 

  • Corolla Cross has 94.9 cubic feet of passenger volume and up to 66.8 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the front row. 
  • Perfect for big halls, the maverick XLT edges out Corolla Cross (Corolla Cross is so popular) when it comes to passenger space on the inside. 
  • On the outside, Maverick’s exposed bed volume is just 33 three cubic feet.

Comfortable Commuter (Corolla Cross is so popular)

Taking a road trip when compared to Ford Maverick XLT. Cabin comfort comes along for the ride with Corolla Cross Le. 

  • Inside, the automatic single-zone climate control with rear seat vents helps keep the temperature just right for all occupants, while the Qi wireless pad makes charging a smartphone as easy as putting it down. 
  • The smart key system simplifies getting in, getting out, and starting the vehicle. 
  • No digging around a pocket or purse is needed. Put Ford Maverick XLT has no answer to these features.

Multimedia on Tap

If you’re heading out for a night on the town, Corolla Cross Le (Corolla Cross is so popular) is ready to serve up a soundtrack to remember with its standard eight-inch touchscreen streaming tunes from a standard Sirius XM platinum plan. 

  • With a three-month trial subscription, which isn’t available on Maverick XLT, getting in the groove is a turn of the volume knob away. 
  • Especially with the available nine-speaker JBL premium audio system. Maverick XLT, on the other hand, has no option to upgrade the audio system.

Safe Traveler

When it’s time for the daily commute. Every corolla cross (Corolla Cross is so popular) brings peace of mind along for the ride, thanks to its nine airbags and the standard Toyota Safety Sense 20 suite of active safety systems like dynamic radar, cruise control, and lane tracing assist. 

  • Maverick XLT has seven airbags, but it can come close with the active safety systems as long as you’re willing to pay extra. 
  • Corolla Cross Le rounds it off with a standard blind spot monitor with a rear cross-traffic alert, making it a serious safety forward proposition. 
  • So whatever your adventure might be, it’s worth thinking twice about which vehicle to call your companion. 
  • It’s incredible to think something as stylish and dependable as Corolla Cross can also give pickup trucks a run for the money.

When it comes to utility and capability, this is truly the complete package for those looking to get out and go. For more information, visit toyota.com corolla cross.

Are Toyota corolla reliable or not?

Why Corolla Cross is so popular

Over the years, the Toyota Corolla has successfully maintained (Corolla Cross is so popular), Toyota’s illustrious reliability reputation. 

  • Despite being on the market for more than 50 years, the Corolla is still a popular choice in its category. 
  • The vehicle had several problems in the past, but the number of incidents has significantly decreased with the most recent model. 
  • The Corolla experienced some unacceptable problems in previous model years, including issues with its drivetrain and cruise control. 
  • Toyota’s most recent model, though appears to have fixed the issue. The Toyota Corolla, which is currently in its 12th generation, is fiercely rivaled by vehicles like the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, and Mazda Three. 
  • Since the Toyota Corolla offers an impressive array of contemporary features at a competitive price, its flaws are somewhat significant. 

Below is a detailed list of the main issues of the 2022 Toyota Corolla. let’s get started.

Engine Stalling 

The main cause of this problem, which started to affect several Corolla models in the 2018 model year and on, was a malfunctioning fuel pump. According to reports, the engine would abruptly stall while driving, and in some cases, it would shake before stalling.

Windshield Cracks 

a few owners complained about the windshield randomly cracking without any outside force. The reports state that the incidents took place while the cars were in overnight parking.

Electrical Failures 

there have been a few reports of complete electrical system failure. The main issue was that the affected model’s entire electronics sometimes failed, causing an engine stall.

Cruise control Failure 

even the 2017 model year of the Toyota Corolla had this issue, and some people also complained about it. For the more recent 2021 model year, the reports stated that the engine would start spinning at high rpm while traveling down a slope with a particular speed set on the cruise control. The reports also stated that the issues did not exist when the cruise control system was turned off.

Misaligned Headlights 

regarding this problem, a few complaints made about the 2019 Toyota Corolla. The owners claimed that the headlamps probably don’t provide enough lighting while driving at night due to a design flaw. The problems persisted despite numerous dealership attempts to realign the headlights.

Brake failure 

Braking system problems were reported with several Corolla models. The issue was widespread among Corollas from the 11th generation model. 

But it resolved with the release of the 12th generation model. The brakes failed in emergencies or everyday driving situations, according to all the significant complaints.

Airbags failing to Deploy 

there have been complaints about the complete failure of the airbags in several Toyota Corolla models. According to the reports, the front passenger and driver-side airbags did not deploy, even though some of the cars were in a head-on collision. From the Corolla’s 12th generation onward, complaints sharply decreased recalls because of the numerous problems it ran into.


The Toyota Corolla has been recalled on several occasions. According to the list of Corolla recalls, the majority of the issues reported were fixed. 

The cruise control system problems were a significant and ongoing issue that the brand ignored until resolved on the most recent 12th gen model. You can now see a list of all recent recalls on your screen.

Should you buy Toyota Corolla Cross

a used Toyota Corolla is incomparable if you’re looking for a cheap vehicle with excellent reliability and fuel efficiency. 

The fact that the affected models are relatively few in comparison to a large number of car sales may serve to obscure the car’s occasional encounters with issues like the CVT problem and the cruise control issue. 

Finally, we can state that a used 2022 Corolla would be a fantastic option given its insignificant number of complaints and its appealing design.

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