The all-new 2023 Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology

The all-new 2023 Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology

This vehicle looks lower and wider than the outgoing Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology. So that should lend itself to handling a little bit better in theory than the outgoing Priuses. 

The lower center of gravity has a wider stance. That is the render from Best Car web that had the headlights down pat. We’ll see about the rest of the vehicle. 

Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology

To be honest. It looks like the roofline is very similar to what they just showed in the official teaser. 

We know that this vehicle will have large wheels, and 19-inch wheels on the top grades, so that’s pretty cool. 

That is probably the closest thing that we have. And they’re guessing that the handle will be tucked into the C pillar, kind of like the CHR as well.

Expected Powerpoint (Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology)

They’re expecting a light bar to go across the rear in some shape or fashion, but that’s all we have to guess at this point. 

These power trains here are what’s rumored coming out of Japan as of this week for the new Prius, an updated 1.8 liter. 

That is supposed to get around 65 miles per gallon based on my estimations. After we translate 32 from the WLTP cycle, we’re only hearing front-wheel drive for the Prius at least coming from Japan. 

There’s a possibility like this outgoing generation, the fourth generation Prius could equip it with an axle in the back of some little electric motor. 

They don’t want to make it too big. Too big would be too heavy. And in fact, the new Corolla just got a new e-axle in the back that was, I think, 30 kW, which is about 40 HP. 

So that makes sense to me for them to fly the new Paris all-wheel drive. And it would be a missed opportunity if the new Corolla hybrid gets all-wheel drive and the Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology wouldn’t.

So almost positive the Prius will get all-wheel drive, will it? 

Carrying over the one eight-liter updating the hybrid system, the electronics, the battery, and the new lithium-ion battery over 134 HP. 

Now, this is the surprise system here, this two-liter inline-four. That is essentially the same Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology hybrid system that we see in the Corolla Cross hybrid that we don’t have in the market yet. 

Not sure exactly how it drives, but I have driven a very similar system with this two-liter M 20, an FX SS setup in the Lexus UX 250 H. a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive close to 200 HP over 190 horses.

That sounds like an exotic dragster at this point, but the fuel economy will drop with this larger engine and bigger electric motors in theory.

So going down from about 65 miles from 58. Now part of that would be going from about 17-inch to 19-inch wheels. 

And that in itself is going to lend to a reduction in range and efficiency. 

What about the new Prius prime? 

I don’t know for certain. And I wouldn’t expect it to be available at launch because that’s just the current state of Toyota’s plugin hybrids. 

They’re almost impossible to get your hands on, at least here in North America for the masses. So anyways, they’d be taking this two-liter, and making it to a larger battery pack. 

My guess would be somewhere around twelve-kilowatt hours. I don’t know if it’ll be front-wheel driver, or all-wheel drive, fingers cross will be all-wheel drive, kind of like the Rav Four Prime, and they give it a lot more power. 

So not only are you getting 47 miles per gallon when you run out of electric juice, but you get 40 miles of electric range in theory.

You’re also getting somewhere around 250 HP combined between that two-liter and the electric system. 

If it comes in at don’t know, Rav Four Prime might be the better option on the Se model. So everything comes down to pricing. 

Pricing (Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology)

That would come in at around 25K. That one would come in around thirty k, of course, starting, and then this would probably be about 35K.

Just my guess of where the new Prius could land with pricing, but it could be bumped up a little bit. 

That could be 27, this could be 32, this could be 37. For example, the Corolla (Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology) Hybrid starts around twenty-two k to keep in mind. 

So maybe 25K might be a little bit too low for the Prius to start with, looking at the current Prius MSRP 25K. 

So with the trend of everything getting more expensive, it’s likely that the Prius will get more expensive. But if we look at the Corolla hybrid for the 2023 model year. 

The new refreshed updated hybrid system got cheaper year after year with the same grade and slightly better technology. 

So there’s a possibility we can hold out for the entry-level Prius to be around 25K.

Interior (Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology)

Nothing from Japan has even mentioned a thing about the interior other than it will have an electronic parking brake. 

So what we’re looking at is the interior of the Crown (Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology) here with a nice light. I think this is a macadamia color. I hope we get a layout like this instead of the outgoing price. 

I’ll just put on the image for you with that vertical tablet. It felt kind of gimmicky on the inside. 

I would like for them to take a more mature approach to the new period, so a more upscale approach, especially if it’s going to get more expensive in some ways. 

So I like more traditional switch gear in the front for the climate. More subdued and grownup shifter as well. 

USB C’s in the front would be excellent. A horizontal screen would be cool.

A nice volume knob in the middle would be nice as well. Like we see on the new Crown digital mid. 

I mean they could probably put a seven or 1012-inch, I’m not quite sure. I don’t care that much about the mid. 

Many people get a bit out of shape saying, the new Lexus is only a seven-inch mid, while some of the new Toyota (Toyota Prius era of Hybrid Technology) has a twelve-inch. So it doesn’t bother me that much. 

I’m hoping for a head-up display on this new Prius as well. I just need this screen in the middle with the new software. 

Wireless apple CarPlay Wireless android Auto Needs that to be good and functional in the new generation, which it will. 

Minimal functional interior. That’s what I’m looking for, for the new Prius. That’s something on the limited Prius. 

It’s just not the most functional or even in the limited Venza. They get too cute with, like, the haptic feedback, and touch buttons.


I want real buttons here. And they did a great job here on the new crown. So that’s what wishing for on the new Prius. 

You’re the bell icon so when the embargo ends, I can share all the official news on the Prius to see how close this information is to this article and all the details on the new Prius.

I won’t have pricing. I don’t know if I’ll have miles per gallon either, but we’ll at least have the girls started. The weekend started. 

I’ll have full exterior and interior details for sure. I’ll have power train details, probably minus the miles per gallon. Thank you guys for reading. Stay tuned for that Prius news.

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