Volkswagen will strengthen its range of plug-in hybrids in response to cooling demand for electric cars.

Although it did not consider this technology one of its priorities in the past, Volkswagen has decided to strengthen its offer of plug-in hybrids in response to the slowdown in demand for battery-powered electric cars. This new strategy concerns the European market, but also the Chinese and American markets.


The German firm will continue to bet heavily on BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) since they are considered the future industry in the medium term. However, PHEVs (Plug-in Electric Vehicles) will play a more prominent role than was anticipated a few years ago. Without going any further, so far its sales in the old continent have grown faster than those of pure electric vehicles in 2024.

With the launch of the new Tiguan and Passat and the renewal of the Golf, Volkswagen has introduced a new generation of plug-in hybrid systems that are characterized by having a much more capable battery, an approved range of more than 100 km, and an even fast charging in DC.

The new powertrain just arrived in the CUPRA León and Formentor, which combines a 1.5 TSI EVO2 engine with a variable geometry turbo (VTG) and an electric drive through a 6-speed DSG gearbox. Two power levels are offered (204 HP (150 kW) and 272 HP (200 kW).

Volkswagen’s latest plug-in hybrids offer more than 100 km of electric range.

In the case of the Passat, the 19.7 kWh pack offers a range of 133 km WLTP, a very considerable figure. Unlike other plug-in hybrids with a shorter range, on paper, this would allow daily use similar to that of an electric car (as long as users charge the vehicle). A peak of 50 kW for fast charging.


Although the new generation of Volkswagen plug-in hybrids offers leading specifications among this type of vehicle. «Now we have to think further. How can we make this more profitable? How do we get there? We are working on it right now,” says Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the brand.

Expanding its family of plug-in hybrids has become a primary task for the German manufacturer right now, and everything seems to indicate that it is also working to make them more affordable and thus expand its customer base.

Source- Automotive News Europe

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