BYD Sea Lion 07. An electric SUV with up to 610 km of autonomy and 25% cheaper than the Tesla Model Y

BYD officially launched a new Sea Lion 07 in the competitive model in China. A compact SUV that will be in charge of launching BYD’s new 3.0 Evo platform comes with arguments such as an attractive design, a wide range of driving equipment, and a starting price that is 25% cheaper than the Tesla Model Y.

BYD Sea Lion 07

The BYD Sea Lion 07 is inspired by the Ocean-X concept car, which continues the design language of the BYD Seal. The exterior looks smooth and sleek, and the headlights resemble those of the Seal itself. This new proposal has elements such as integrated and retractable door handles.

Its rear design is also similar to the BYD Seal. It has a continuous taillight, a ducktail spoiler, and a roof spoiler. In addition, they have been wise enough to replace the excessively long “Build your Dreams” that appears on some models, and in its place, you can see a more simplistic and elegant BYD logo.

A model with a body 4.83 meters long and a 2,030mm wheelbase, which stands out for its spacious interior, 500-liter rear trunk, and 58-liter front trunk. Measurements that place it slightly above the BYD Seal U, on sale in Europe, which is 4.78 meters long.

BYD Sea Lion 07: features

Without a doubt, one of the aspects of this model is its new 3.0 EVO architecture. It has aspects such as better integration of the cells in a structural format (CTB), which allows it to improve safety in frontal collisions by 60%, resistance to deformation of the passenger cabin by 50%, and regional resistance of the bodywork by more than 60%. Everything to increase the safety of the occupants.

BYD Sea Lion 07

The 12-in-1 propulsion system features the world’s highest-speed production engine (23,000 rpm). An engine that combines critical components in a single unit, improving efficiency and reliability.

Customers will be able to select up to three mechanical.

With rear-wheel drive models with an engine between 170 and 230 kW. Meanwhile configurations, the all-wheel drive model has two motors, with maximum powers of 160 kW and 230 kW each.

The rear-wheel-drive model offers two capacity options, 71.8 and 80.6 kWh, which offer a range of between 550 km and 610 km CLTC, while the all-wheel drive model has a range of 550 km and can accelerate up to 100 km /h in 6.7 seconds.

BYD Sea Lion 07

Fast charging has also received an improvement, and in the case of the BYD Sea Lion 07, it can recover 80% of its charge in 25 minutes thanks to a system capable of reaching 180 kW.

Another aspect where BYD is working hard is autonomous driving. The Sea Lion 07 is the first BYD vehicle to mount the DiPilot 100 system, consisting of 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 mm wave radars, and 11 cameras.

The result is an advanced Level 2 autonomous driving system, which includes lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, lane departure assist, traffic sign recognition, and intelligent cruise control.

As for the price, the most accessible version, one engine, 71.8 kWh and 550 km CLTC, is available in China for 190,800 yuan, 24,372 euros in exchange. The version with one engine and 610 km of autonomy costs 199,800 yuan, 25,656 euros at the exchange rate for its part.

Figures that we can compare with the 249,900 yuan at which the standard Tesla Model Y starts in China, with 554 km CLTC, while the Long Range Dual Motor version, with 688 km CLTC, does so from 290,900 yuan.

Rates that place BYD 24% below Tesla prices in the Chinese market.

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