BYD Forklift Advantages & Benefits

 BYD Forklift Advantages & Benefits 

Byd technology-oriented and innovative based has integrated the core technology advantages with a forklift after five years of development and has introduced the first forklift model with fey battery power followed by four ranges of product counterbalance forklifts collet trucks reach trucks and stackers.

BYD Forklift Advantages

BYD forklift elevates itself above the industry by the seven advantages of fe battery zero emission compared to traditional forklift

Zero emission 

The FE battery used on the Byd forklift no longer has the shortcoming that traditional battery has no heavy metal during the production process no emission during the use of the forklift and zero emission.

Maintenance-free BYD

Fe battery enjoys the advantage of being maintenance-free and gets fully sealed in the intact battery case. 

High-efficiency BYD 

Fe battery has a high charging efficiency and a long life cycle, and the life cycle of the battery reaches above.

Long Life Battery

4000 cycles which guarantee more than 10 years of service life for forklifts.

Low Discharge rate

1-hour fast charging available uses the opportunity to charge whenever necessary completing multi-shift working demands and saving the cost of spare batteries.

Perfect for various working environments (-40C)

Byd Fe battery maintains a satisfactory working performance in the environment with temperatures ranging from 40C to 60C.

High safety 

Byd fe battery has passed various tough tests to ensure a high level of forklift safety.

Apart from BYD fake technology BYD forklift has also been equipped with many other advantageous features and functions.

BYD ForkliftAdvantages & Benefits 
Zero emission The production process no emission
Maintenance-freemaintenance-free and gets fully sealed
High-efficiencyhigh charging efficiency and a long life cycle
Long Life Battery4000 cycles
Low Discharge ratesaving the cost of spare batteries
Perfect for various working environments-40C to -60C
High safety passed various tough tests to ensure a high level of forklift safety

AC motors 

AC motor’s robust power without the need to replace carbon brush byd battery management system made it with Fe battery safeguards.

The forklift power BYD forklift features Forks automatic leveling function buffering when Forks lower and a regenerative braking function.

BYD Forklift Advantages

o-p-s system 

Always reminds operators to keep the right operating position when operating the forklifts, the ergonomic designs and technologies offer an ultra-safe and comfortable operating experience.

BYD forklift saves more than 80 percent of energy consumption as compared to inner combustion forklift throughout their service life and saves more than 50 percent of energy consumption when compared to the traditional electric forklift for every product.

BYD has dedicated its focus of attention and paid its attention to details from research and development to manufacturing here we’ve seen a team of more than 200 experienced technicians contributing to a powerful R&D capability.

We’ve seen the state-of-the-art production line with a capacity of 20,000 units built on 130,000 square meters of forklift factory.

We’ve seen the establishment of testing lines and a thorough quality control system to guarantee a high standard of product quality and performance confident in the quality of its product

BYD offers a five-year ultra-long warranty to its customers driven by the principle of getting the utmost customer satisfaction. 

BYD offers full coverage of the service network in China market prospects and product application BYD forklift has a huge market in the areas of food pharmacy factories cold storage airports, and others as an advocate and supplier of green logistics solutions. 

BYD Forklift is practicing its promise of a greener environment and sailing into a greener future for China’s forklift industry striving for a better customer experience and a greener mankind future.

BYD Forklift rising leader of new energy forklifts.

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