The BYD Dolphin is renewed at a lower price and with better equipment in China

These days, one of the best-paid substitutes available is the BYD Dolphin. An affordable price is coupled with high-quality equipment in a small package. Following renovations, the Dolphin offers a better proposition at a reduced cost.

BYD Dolphin

The few exterior alterations draw attention to the addition of two new hues, Heat Wave Crimson, and Atlantis Grey, which expand the customization options.

New features inside include a four-position adjustable steering wheel, heated and ventilated seats, darkened rear seat glass, USB type C and A ports, 50W wireless charging for smartphones, an intelligent network connection system called DiLink, a 12.8-inch adaptive swivel screen, and four-link independent rear suspension.

With a lesser capacity battery and 301 km CLTP, BYD has introduced the Access variant, which is priced at merely 99,800 yuan (about 12,800 euros) in China. It enables it to compete fully for electric vehicles priced under 100,000 yuan.

There is currently no assurance that BYD will implement these modifications for the European version, which is, as far as we can recall, marginally different in terms of both technology and physical design.

A BYD Dolphin with a somewhat longer body is intended for usage in Europe and is outfitted with a 204 HP engine and a practical 60.5 kWh battery, giving it a WLTP-specified range of 427 km. All for a starting price of 35,690 euros in Spain.

The anticipated arrival of the entry variants, Active (95 HP, 44.9 kWh, 340 km WLTP) and Boost (177 HP, 44.9 kWh, 310 km WLTP), this year is anticipated to result in a price reduction of about thirty thousand euros. An extension that BYD may use to incorporate the recently added new features to the Chinese version.

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