The ONVO L60 is presented with more than 700 km of autonomy and is cheaper than the Tesla Model Y.

Today was the day scheduled for the presentation of the first model of the new NIO brand. A name that will be placed one step below the matrix, with somewhat cheaper proposals, but as we have seen today, not at all uncompetitive.


The first representative of ONVO, a name that will arrive in Europe this year, is the L60. A D-segment SUV, 4.82 meters long, is placed slightly above a Tesla Model Y that reaches 4.75 meters.

The design is the work of a former Bentley designer (Raul Pires) and maintains the line of NIO’s proposals, with a sharp front with fine LED lines with a predominantly sporty line that has garnered good reviews from the Chinese press.

The interior has not been shown, but NIO has given some clues showing data of a large space thanks to the 2,890mm wheelbase, which creates a flat surface to stretch out and turn the cabin into a living room.

This configuration also allows you to take advantage of another element, such as a large 17.2-inch 3K touch screen, which can be an entertainment center when we are not driving, being able to watch movies or series lying down as if in bed. The rear seats can optionally mount an 8-inch screen.

Curiously, the L60 lacks a screen in front of the driver, like the Tesla Model Y or Model 3, but instead, it does have a head-up display, which projects information onto the windshield.

The L60 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, an Nvidia Orin in the computer system, and access to Level 2 autonomous driving.

Efficiency has been one of NIO’s obsessions, and among other aspects, the L60 stands out for its highly developed aerodynamics that leave the figure at 0.229Cd. Better than many sedans, and an average consumption under the CLTC cycle of 12.1 kWh per 100 km, improving the 12.5 kWh per 100 km of the Tesla Model Y.

ONVO L60: technical characteristics and price

We do not know the engine configuration, which will be revealed in September. Yes, we know the L60 will have up to three battery versions.

  • 60 kWh: 550 km CLTC
  • 90 kWh: 730 km CLTC
  • 150 kWh: more than 1,000 km CLTC

There is a wide variety, with an access pack that places it at the level of the 554 km CLTC of the Tesla Model Y. The second option goes up to 90 kWh, and 730 km CLTC, improving the 688 km of the Model Y.


The jewel in the crown will be a 150 kWh semi-solid pack, which will allow it to exceed 1,000 km of autonomy approved under the Chinese cycle, which should be able to go beyond 800 km WLTP.

The recharging aspect remains known, but NIO has confirmed that it will have a 900V architecture, which allows it to access charging powers above 300 kW, so in about 15 minutes, it should recover 80%. Of load in its intermediate pack. It will also be compatible with battery charging stations.

Regarding prices, the ONVO L60 will released in China with rates starting at 219,900 yuan (28,000 euros), 30,000 yuan (3,820 euros) less than the standard Tesla Model Y in the Chinese market.

A proposal will begin deliveries next September in China when details will be known, and they will their distribution in Europe at the end of this year with rates yet to be determined.

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