The new 2024 Tesla Roadster will arrive at the end of the year, with acceleration to 100 km/h in less than 1 second

Although we have heard this rumor before, Elon Musk verified tonight on social media platform X that the next-generation Tesla Roadster would be unveiled at the end of the year. A model that promises to alter the meaning of “car” forever.

2024 Tesla Roadster

Musk claims that the creation of this new model is complete and that it is currently getting ready for its announcement at the end of this year when deliveries are scheduled for early 2025. a model that the aerospace firm SpaceX and Tesla collaborated on designing.

Musk, as usual, intended to use the occasion to set expectations, saying that the Roadster would be the most spectacular product display the industry has seen.

With the assistance of SpaceX, who developed a system of cold air thrusters installed in the back that would enhance thrust during acceleration to hit figures previously unattainable for a street car, this will be achievable.

Of course, This is for the most costly and potent variant; the “normal” model will use the variant S Plaid’s propulsion system and have somewhat more horsepower—about 1,000—in a lighter body. Something that will enable it to reach a peak speed of 400 km/h, accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds, and have a range that was predicted to be 1,000 kilometers at the time.

That would increase the Tesla Model S Plaid’s WLTP autonomy by over 60%. The Model S Plaid, which has a 100 kWh pack and can travel 600 km, is what we recall. A distinction can only be made with improved aerodynamics and less weight; if achieved, a bigger capacity battery should go along with it.

Rumour had it that the pack, which would come in two levels with 100 kWh each, would hold about 200 kWh at the time. We will have to wait a few months to confirm this, but it still needs to be completely ruled out.

It also needs to be clarified if Tesla would stick with the 400V design for its flagship model or upgrade to the 800V architecture. Something that would shorten wait times for ultra-fast chargers by giving you access to better curves and more extraordinary charging powers.

A Roadster appears to be finally confronting its landing, and that, as we recall, is already seven years late.

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