The Energy Vault gravity battery building has already been connected to the electrical grid

After being linked to the power grid, the company’s gravity energy facility on the outskirts of Shanghai has already started to produce energy. There are already several initiatives in progress, this being just the first.

Energy Vault gravity battery

We informed you last summer that the first phase of the Rudong EVx gravitational energy project had commenced. Now that this procedure has been finished, the Energy Vault company’s battery facility on Shanghai’s outskirts is operational and connected to the electrical grid.

The 25 MW/100 MWh EVx system in China is close to a wind farm and a connection point to the national grid. Its goal is renewable energy storage and distribution to enhance and stabilize the country’s electrical system.

In addition, three new grid-scale EVx gravity energy storage system (GESS) facilities in China have started to take shape. With a combined capacity of 3.7 GWh, partners in Energy Vault China Tianying (CNTY) and Atlas Renewable already operate nine such facilities nationwide.

How the gravitational energy building-battery works

Systems known as gravitational energy storage use the power of gravity to store and release energy in the form of electrical power.

Energy Vault gravity battery

They have a hefty mass lifting device to store gravitational potential energy to do this. This is then changed into kinetic energy, which is then transformed into electricity by dropping them.

These systems help control the supply and demand of power, mainly when producing sporadic renewable energy sources, like solar and wind. They store and release energy using concrete blocks or water kept at an elevation.

The benefits of gravitational batteries include extended life without deterioration and the capacity to store enormous amounts of energy.

However, depending on height and lifting activities, they may have constraints on efficiency and demand a large amount of room for construction.

Notwithstanding the difficulties, they are a viable choice for large-scale energy storage, which may enhance the dependability and efficiency of renewable energy sources and encourage the development of a more robust and sustainable electrical grid.

This kind of renewable energy storage is no longer just an intriguing idea but a functional reality, thanks to initiatives like the Rudong EVx.

Source- Energy Vault

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