Crazy offers with the Toyota Mirai in California: for $40,000 less and at the price of the Tesla Model 3

The fuel cell vehicle industry faces several challenges, including low global sales levels, a scarcity of models, an almost nonexistent infrastructure for charging, and high startup costs. Nevertheless, there are some places where buying a car equipped with this technology might be a steal; therefore, excessive occurrences must co-occur.

Toyota Mirai

In this instance, the best place to locate them is California, one of the states in North America with the highest rate of adoption of electric cars (as well as financial assistance for their purchase), including fuel cell vehicles. For instance, we observed how a neighbor in the area could purchase a brand-new Tesla Model 3 for about $19,000 less than a year ago.

The Toyota Mirai is the one that catches us all off guard now. This is not just because of the accumulation of government assistance, as was the case with the Tesla electric automobile, but instead due to the brand’s motivation. Imagine the following: the selling price of the Toyota Mirai in its Limited trim is $67,115, or, depending on the currency rate, around 62,000 euros.

The Japanese company has gone all out for a few very particular dealerships in California, even going so far as to finance the purchase through Toyota Financial Services to cut the price by $40,000. With other potential subsidies excluded, this results in a 60% price reduction for the fuel cell vehicle, which puts it on par with the Tesla Model 3 RWD at $27,000.

Beyond that, though, Toyota provides free gasoline to Mirai owners for three years, or $15,000, whichever comes first. A set of tools that might enable the Toyota Mirai to run on hydrogen for a very, very intriguing cost.

And much more so than it would be if California continued to accept applications for its electric car incentive program, which was discontinued in November of last year. Aid may reappear, but it primarily targets low-income individuals and families. For instance, the Model 3 previously described received $7,500 in state assistance.

If someone finds such an offer, a crucial consideration must be made. Does it make up for it? It may work there because California has one of the best infrastructures for hydrogen recharging. There used to be as many as 55 charging stations. However, that number has since dropped following Shell’s recent statement that it will shut its seven stations there.

What more could a motorist want if he could get a Toyota Mirai for that much, have a charging station close to his house, and save $15,000 on his first fuel purchase? Recall that the Japanese vehicle has a 646-kilometer range and requires only five minutes to charge its hydrogen tank fully.

Source- Electrek

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