Tesla can’t find skilled workers for its factory in Germany.

Tesla can’t find skilled workers for its factory in Germany

Tesla is having trouble finding skilled workers for Giga Berlin, its plant on German soil. The factory, which recently reached a rate of 4,000 units per week, must increase its workforce to 12,000 employees and go from two to three shifts to reach the target capacity of 500,000 vehicles per year.

Tesla can't find skilled workers

Today, Tesla employs 10,000 people at the facility; however, some reports indicate that, due to the working conditions offered, the company is facing the departure of part of its staff. In addition, other workers prefer to stay in competing companies for this very reason.

Following the American work culture, where the “hire and fire” philosophy predominates, Tesla seeks employees quickly and then retains the “best”. This results in increased turnover and instability, which deters many job seekers in Germany more accustomed to the stability of the European model.

A high percentage of the workforce (around 1,000 people) comes from temporary employment agencies. On the other hand, Tesla has also partnered with several universities in the area. Betting on training has allowed it to “sign” a total of 130 apprentices throughout 2022. It is expected that as of this year up to 180 apprentices will be hired annually in areas such as logistics and IT.

Giga Berlin has caused Tesla more than one headache

Tesla currently needs mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, and electrical engineers for Giga Berlin, all with prior work experience. Due to its difficulties in finding qualified workers in the region, it has started looking for them in Poland as well since the factory is not too far from the border with that country.

All of this is resulting in a slower production ramp-up than originally projected. We must not lose sight of the fact that the construction of the factory has suffered numerous delays due to protests by environmental groups and residents, as well as frequent requests made by Tesla itself to change the project on the fly.

The SUV Model Y comes exclusively from the lines of the plant. Later the Model 3 saloon will be added, which will receive an important restyling (Highland project) this year, as well as the future compact model of the company, a crossover known by the press as Model 2.

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