10 most anticipated electric cars of the year 2024

While some analysts caution that the market for electric vehicles may be slowing down, the industry’s revolution is already irreversible. With so many electrical breakthroughs coming out in 2024, we at FCE have made a brief list of 10 of the most anticipated models by the general public.

electric cars of the year 2024

Asian, American, and European automakers work tirelessly to maintain their market share, producing everything from stylish sedans and SUVs to reasonably priced urban and utility cars. Please feel free to submit your idea in the comments if you believe we have missed any excellent ones.

1) Citroën ë-C3 and FIAT Panda

electric cars of the year 2024

Commencing at a competitive $26,074 before subsidies, the Citroën ë-C3 is one of the year’s most significant introductions. It boasts a 320 km WLTP range with a 44 kWh lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) battery and a 113 HP (83 kW) engine. On July 11, it will get a fourth-generation FIAT Panda, its twin brother inside the Stellantis group.

2) Dodge Charger

electric cars of the year 2024

Not too far off is history’s first electric muscle vehicle. In contrast to the previous model, which was exclusively offered as a sedan, the new Dodge Charger will be delivered in both sedan and coupe (Daytona) body styles. It will be responsible for the Stellantis STLA Large platform’s debut. Versions with 400 and 800 volts will be available. The latter will be known as SRT Banshee and have a power output of more than 1,000 HP.

3) Mercedes-Benz CLA

electric cars of the year 2024

The next Mercedes-Benz CLA EV will be a very efficient and aerodynamic car. It will be able to charge at 250 kW direct current (400 km WLTP in 15 minutes) and have a range of more than 750 km WLTP (rumours indicate that it will be approximately 850 km WLTP) based on the new MMA platform. It will also incorporate the MB—OS operating system.

4) Porsche Macan

electric cars of the year 2024

The Volkswagen Group’s PPE platform will enable the electric Porsche Macan to debut in 2024 despite many development delays. It will not lack the means to succeed despite the challenging challenge of taking the place of one of the Stuttgart company’s most popular models: up to 612 HP (450 kW) of power, 100 kWh gross batteries (95 kWh useable), and quick charging. 10–80% in 22 minutes at 270 kW.

5) Renault 5 E-TECH

electric cars of the year 2024

On February 26, the fabled R5 will be brought back to life to promote electric mobility among the people of Europe. Standing at the centre of the well-liked B sector, it is 3.92 metres long and starts at less than 25,000 euros before help. With two batteries with capacities of 40 and 52 kWh each, it can go over 400 km on WLTP. Summer delivery will commence.

6) Renault Scénic E-TECH

electric cars of the year 2024

Everyone was taken aback by the new Scénic E-TECH’s meagre rates compared to its immediate competitors. Versions of this 4.47 metre-long small SUV with 170 HP (125 kW), 60 kWh (430 km WLTP), 220 HP (160 kW), and 87 kWh (625 km WLTP) are available for $42,399 and $49,837 before assistance, respectively.

7) Tesla Model Y “Juniper”

electric cars of the year 2024

Tesla has been working on a mid-life redesign for its flagship vehicle, the Model Y, following the successful release of the Model 3 “Highland” upgrade. Under the code name “Juniper”, the company will include improved mechanics, a more upscale cabin, and a refreshed look. It will make its premiere in October.

8) Volvo EX30

electric cars of the year 2024

The Volvo EX30 is another car that has generated great anticipation. This 4.23-meter-long SUV comes in three different versions: Twin Motor Performance (428 HP, 64 kWh NCM battery, 460 km WLTP, from $52,875), Single Motor Extended Range (272 HP, 64 kWh NCM battery, 480 km WLTP, from 42,034 euros), and Single Motor (272 HP, 49 kWh LFP battery, 344 km WLTP, from $40,282).

9) Xiaomi SU7

electric cars of the year 2024

The luxury sedan, measuring 4.99 metres long and with a maximum range of 800 km CLTC, is the Chinese technological giant’s first electric vehicle. It features a large 16.1-inch screen with 3K resolution for the infotainment system, which is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 CPU and runs the HyperOS operating system, among other things. Another noteworthy feature is its 875-volt system, which can charge 510 km CLTC in 15 minutes.

10) Zeekr 007

electric cars of the year 2024

The most awaited product from the upstart Chinese company Geely is a car dubbed to rival the Tesla product 3. It is sold with two highly sophisticated batteries: the Qilin Battery from CATL, which has NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) chemistry, and the Golden Battery, which is an LFP (lithium-fluorophosphate) type battery created by the brand itself. 75 kWh (688 km CLTC) are in the first, and 100 kWh (870 km CLTC) are in the second. Depending on your chosen pack, you can recharge between 500 and 610 km CLTC in just 15 minutes.

BYD Seagull, JAC Yiwei EV and JMEV EV3 with sodium batteries

The JAC Yiwei EV and JMEV EV3 are the first two electric vehicles using sodium batteries available for purchase. The BYD Seagull, a third model, is anticipated to join them soon. The industry may see a before and after with the adoption of this promising technology, even if the three Chinese urbanites also have access to lithium batteries.

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