Vinfast VF8 and VF9 will not start until 2023 (update)

Vinfast VF8 and VF9 will not start until 2023 (update)

The first Vinfast VF8 and VF9 ship landed in the USA shortly before Christmas, and deliveries are expected to start this year.

Vinfast VF8 and VF9 will not start until 2023 (update)

On the other hand, the arrival of the electric SUVs VF8 and VF9 from the Vietnamese manufacturer in Europe postponed. 

The Vinfast VF8 and VF9 won’t be available in Germany in 2022, as was originally announced in September, but rather in 2023.

In response to a query from Automotive News Europe 

The manufacturer stated that “VinFast and our production and delivery schedule in Europe have been impacted by the worldwide chipset supply chain interruption”.

Vinfast tweeted in late November that they were coordinating with suppliers to begin shipping to Europe and Canada “in the coming months.”

The delay in Europe appears to be caused by chip scarcity. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will be held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2023, maybe a factor in why supplies are already reaching the USA.

The firm hopes to introduce four models 

These are the smaller SUVs, designated VF6 and VF7 in addition to the VF8 and VF9.

While Vinfast continued to list the VF8’s base price of 43,600 euros in May, now lists the VF8’s base price as $48,659 plus a monthly battery rental of $128.

Alternatively, you may spend at least $65,706 and get the vehicle with a battery.

There are a total of four variations, each with a different battery size and level of driving power.

Vinfast VF8 and VF9 will not start until 2023 (update)

The cost of the bigger VF9 is $87,562 when the battery is included or $66,267 + $152 every month. 

Even though there are four different types, they are all powered by the same 300 kW all-wheel drive.

The batteries utilized have a capacity of 92 or 123 kWh; the version with the maximum range reportedly travels 594 kilometers on a single charge.

Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Oberhausen, and Hamburg are already home to Vinfast merchants.

There will be at least 25 vendors overall. In France and the Netherlands, Vinfast stores are already present.

Leasing and financing should be feasible through the Stellantis-owned FCA Bank and the Dutch LeasePlan Bank.

In September, Vinfast produced 200 vehicles a day. By October, they hoped to run on two shifts, then three eight-hour shifts, or 24 hours a day.

The factory in Hai Phong, Vietnam, would like to boost its yearly capacity to 250,000 units.

The 150,000 units manufactured in North Carolina are an additional requirement. The site of the third facility in Europe is still being looked for,

The Vietnamese manufacturer’s financial situation was revealed in a September interview with Chief Financial Officer David Mansfield.

The firm then hopes to turn a profit during the following three years.

Mansfield predicted that the volume will be “far less” than the target of one million electric vehicle sales in the following five or six years.

Vinfast VF8 and VF9 will not start until 2023 (update)

He was unable to say more due to the upcoming IPO in the US, the manager told Automotive News Europe.

However, this has been delayed rather than taking place in the fourth quarter of 2022, as stated in April.

The stock sale may generate $2 billion in revenue. In addition, Vinfast has secured $1.2 billion in investment for its envisioned North Carolina facility that would produce electric vehicles beginning in 2024.

For its growth in the USA VinFast also plans to borrow several billion dollars from banks.

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