Features of the World’s First Electric G-Wagen

Features of the World’s First Electric G-Wagen

That is the world’s only concept EQG, and I got Tuesday helping me out to show you guys around. 

How are you feeling? 

They bought the EQG to Dubai just for Supercar Blundy. we’re checking it out today. There’s only one on the planet. we’re going to review. 

We’re even going to get to drive it. Let’s start with the front. The First Electric G-Wagen.

World's First Electric G-Wagen

What do we get? 

First, you can see it’s a First Electric G-Wagen? Even though it’s electric, it looks like your G wagon. We’ve got beautiful round lights. But the grill, no more chrome, no more intakes. 

No more intakes glass. A digital display, illuminated, if you will, sir. It comes to life when you turn the car on. And if you guys see, there are these little shapes and round squares.

The correct name for them is a squirrel. It’s supposed to be a square and a circle. And my favorite word now. 

She’s been just overusing it. The patent is all over the car, so you hear a lot of the squirrel. Look at the side strip. I mean, the side strip is sick. 

This is my favorite part of the First Electric G-Wagen. And it goes white and blue. It goes white and blue. Doesn’t make a difference. 

I have a pretty strong feeling that this is not going to make it into production. we have to speculate, is going to be about 75% to 80% of what the production version looks like when it comes out in 2025. 

A few countries don’t allow it, but it’s kind of like legislation that hates this kind of daytime running lights. On the side, I saw blue lights.

I think they’re the police or something. But this looks incredible, to be honest. When you look at a G wagon lighting up like this, it just looks like it’s from the future. 

I mean, that’s what this First Electric G-Wagen is supposed to be. But there’s another light I’ve featured here. And this is on the so this isn’t a squirrel, but it is a circle in a square. 

I just cut it in. You just called it a circle. A circle. Well, that’s the shape of a circle. Yeah. On the side mirrors, you got the little circle right there. Daytime running light. 

That is an indicator. It was made to marry or match with the front light in the front, right over here, it looks super cool, but it’s not an indicator. 

It doesn’t do anything, which is strange, because you’d expect it to turn orange when you turn. 

It’s just a daytime running light. But with all the cool other features that we know about Gwagon, the door still closes.

What’s cool is if you’re getting closer, you got the G. Any guesses what that stands for? 

WEG we got the two tones going on. So we have this piano black, gloss black. Up top black.

What’s the bottom color? 

Let’s see if he can remember it. Glass, aluminum beam. Beam. Car companies always get carried away with their names, and stuff like this is just a cool silver. 

They call it a brass aluminum beam. So we got to memorize all this crazy work and cool silver. you got some 22-inch rims alloy designed just for this car.

The ties are designed for the car as well. If you guys look at the actual and you can tell because these would never work on the road. 

You’re driving in rain on an First Electric G-Wagen with this kind of grip, and you’re sliding all over the place. It’s not going to work. But it looks pretty cool. 

You got a little daytime running light in white, and on the back, you got another light in red. Now that the sun’s gone down, you can barely see the red popping through. 

Once you get up to the top and get an aerial view of it, there’s a beautiful, clean stamp of a G. For First Electric G-Wagen.

There’s no way of mind right now. So the biggest squirrel on this car laid is our lockbox. 

So the First Electric G-Wagen isn’t known for having a spare tire at the back, because this is electric. No, no more Adios, no spare tires. 

You just put in, like, your what is it? Like it’s your charging cable. This car is still a concept car. this is the concept of EQG. 

They are trying to show what the future of First Electric G-Wagen is going to look like.

I want to change the outside lighting with the ambient lighting, so when I decide to go, like, white or pink or yellow, my car goes. 

You are the reason why legislation has a problem with these kinds of lights because you’re just distracting people on the road. You’re driving pink, yellow, and orange. 

Everyone’s, like, looking around, crashing all over the place. I’m just trying to bring joy and happiness to the world. 

So do you stop hitting? Oh, my gosh. No. To be honest. Yeah. It would be amazing if they did bring it into production. 

Not so sure about that. And what’s super cool is that this car has so there’s something called a tank turn, where tanks do the 360.

It can do that. But they called it a G-turn. The g turn. It looks pretty surreal, to be honest.

What do you think?

I could have stepped into, like, a snowy, snowy dream. And down here, you got Mercedes bends lighting up. And you got the First Electric G-Wagen on the left. 

The G is on the right as well. It’s just flipped around. Yeah, maybe it’s like a B. No, it’s a First Electric G-Wagen. 

It’s an N for or maybe it’s an on-the button. It’s maybe it’s a whole Mercedes. And then there’s no S. 

It’s like Mercedes just was I just went down Mercedes. I just went down, like a crazy rabbit hole of Mercedes conspiracy.

What you have is the same interior as the First Electric G-Wagen. 

The spec of this car is incredible. It’s all white. Guys, like, we had to take our shoes off. 

That is not a drive-through car. No, you don’t get a drive-through in a McDonald’s here. So what’s interesting is, with other EQ models, have the hyper screen, but on this one, they don’t.

They kept the OG Mercedes First Electric G-Wagen screen. It’s 212.3 screens that they’ve got. And you came up with a good point. 

The theory is that they did not include a hyper screen. As much as I like a hyper screen, the reason why is that this is an off-road car.

So instead, what you have is this big handlebar for the passenger. So, I mean, with an off-road car, a hyper screen might not make sense. 

Might be easy to break. What I noticed is the carbon fiber. Yeah. It’s like silver. It is. It’s a little bit weird, but it matches the white. 

What, 50%? 

It’s like it’s blocked. So out there, we got the G. You know, we got the G on top because we keep it real. 

Can you imagine if the G was smaller? 

You’d get, like, a G-shaped tan on your head. That’d be pretty cool if there were, like, little GS on the rack. So I think, anyways, it’s time to drive it.

Safety first 

That is a concept car. This is not the production model. So we can only go up to 80 km an hour. 

That doesn’t have any kind of launch control. We’re going to calmly drive it around the streets of Dubai. 

I can see the Mercedes people panicking. Did we make the right decision? 

We should have let the gold drive. It’s so silent. It’s so strange to be driving a G wagon, and it’s this silent. I don’t know if you guys can hear, but it doesn’t sound like a call. that’s so strange. 

It doesn’t feel like a call. Wow. Smooth. Okay, so they don’t want to tell us, and they also don’t know how fast this car will go, how fast it’s going to accelerate. 

They don’t know much about the range. What we do know is that it’s a mix between the old G wagon and the electric, EQ models.

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