Another setback for Tesla’s Autopilot system, which will have to recall more than 2 million cars

The North American company’s system has been selling since 2016 as an autonomous driving technology but is another level 2 safety assistant (out of 5). The blow has been truly hard for Elon Musk’s company this time.

Tesla's Autopilot system

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the United States, under the State Department of Transportation, remains distrustful of the Autopilot system, which it considers to need to do more to prevent its misuse.

In this last case, and after having more than 50 special investigations opened (increasingly more intense), the NHTSA has sent a letter to Tesla urging it to recall more than 2 million of its cars in the US to update its Autopilot system, offered as standard in all its new vehicles. That is, practically all those that circulate in North America.

Tesla’s Autopilot

After two years of investigations, in which the NHTSA has reviewed 956 accidents involving Tesla cars, it has been determined that Autopilot does not prevent enough for the driver to ignore driving. Of those almost a thousand incidents that initially alleged that the Tesla system was in use, they subsequently focused on 322 of these accidents, in which there have even been fatalities.

It is not the first time this year that Tesla has been forced to make a recall: in February, it had to do so with 362,000 of its vehicles due to problems with exceeding the speed limits with Autopilot and the way of driving through intersections.

The North American regulator now focuses on the automatic steering system of Teslas, known as ‘Autosteer,’ which maintains the distance and speed from other cars: “It is possible that the scope of the controls of this function is not sufficient to prevent the driver from misusing this function. The North American organization warns that, in these cases where the driver “does not maintain responsibility for the operation of the vehicle and is not prepared to intervene,” the impact risk may increase.

The recall that Tesla will have to make involves the Model S sold since 2012; the Model to limit the use of this Autosteer system to its customers: “If the driver tries to activate it when the conditions for this are not met, the function will warn the driver that it is not available through visual and acoustic warnings, and the system will not activate,” stated in the letter sent to Tesla.

The NHTSA continues its particular ‘crusade’ against the Autopilot system and the ‘Full Self Driving’ brand software. Especially given that Tesla continues to call this technology autonomous driving when it is not. The American public body will continue with its open investigation while monitoring the effectiveness of the corrections the brand must make.

Source- Automotive News Europe

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