The new start-up will convert old tires into batteries for electric cars

Can old tires have a second life as an essential element of the electric car? This way, they could help the electric vehicles of the future.

 batteries for electric cars.

Burning tires is dangerous from an environmental point of view, but a new technique could contribute to cheaper electric car batteries in the future. A Chilean start-up has developed a process by which it is possible to obtain part of the raw materials used in this industry. Given that millions of potentially polluting wheels end up in scrapyards and warehouses every year, taking advantage of the method used by T-Phite could be vital in reducing polluting emissions.

Converting worn tires into batteries for electric cars is now possible

The electric car faces significant growth in demand, which is why introducing this type of technological innovation is essential. In this case, it all starts with igniting the old rubber itself. During this process, known as pyrolysis, a very dark smoke screen is created, which contains the secret of this innovation. By trapping this type of emissions, hard graphitic carbon is obtained, becoming a raw material for batteries for electric cars.

This alternative would allow the recycling of old tires to be promoted in the future since it is currently an activity that needs to be sufficiently standardized worldwide. According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, our Planet could generate up to one billion tires yearly. However, the problem would lie in the specimens that currently need to be undergoing recycling treatment since there could be up to four billion units in this situation.

Due to the characteristics of the tire material, their physical degradation is practically zero, so they maintain their condition over time. That is why exhaustive work is required to treat the rubber and other components for fine-tuning or transformation into other by-products.

Following this reuse process, obtaining enough raw material to produce a few thousand batteries suitable for electric cars could be possible. T-Phite aims to bring more excellent financing to grow a business model that still needs to be attractive. In the coming months, it will be essential to see if this line of research materializes its potential in terms of battery production or if, on the contrary, this service still needs to offer better profitability.


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