Tesla Achieves Milestone: 50 Millionth 4680 Battery Cell Produced at Giga Texas

Tesla has reached a significant milestone by producing its 50 millionth 4680-type cylindrical battery cell at the Giga Texas plant. This achievement underscores Tesla’s rapid advancements in battery manufacturing and its commitment to driving the electric vehicle (EV) industry forward.


Energy Capacity and Production Milestones

Each 4680 battery cell stores around 90 watt-hours of energy, translating to a cumulative storage capacity of 4.5 gigawatt-hours and producing 50 million cells. This milestone comes after the announcement of Tesla’s 20 millionth 4680 cell on October 11, 2023, highlighting the company’s impressive production rate.

Production Rate Analysis

The 238 days between October 11, 2023, and June 5, 2024, saw Tesla produce an additional 30 million cells, averaging 126,050 per day. This rate is a significant increase compared to the previous production period from June 16, 2023, to October 11, 2023, where the average was 85,470 cells per day over 117 days.

4680 Cells in Tesla Vehicles

Initially, Tesla’s 4680 cells were used in a version of the Tesla Model Y produced in Texas. Since late 2023, these cells have also been utilized in the Tesla Cybertruck. Each Cybertruck battery comprises approximately 1,344 cells, equating to about 123 kilowatt-hours of energy. With an average daily production of 126,050 cells, Tesla can produce enough batteries for almost 94 Cybertrucks.

Cybertruck Production Insights

In March, Tesla announced it had produced enough 4680 cells for over 1,000 Cybertrucks a week, suggesting an increased production rate. This indicates that Tesla has likely produced enough cells for more than 22,000 Cybertrucks between October and now. Tesla has assured that the supply of 4680 cells will not hinder the ramp-up of Cybertruck production.

Current Production Status

While the official production rate of the Tesla Cybertruck remains undisclosed, analyst Troy Teslike (on X, formerly Twitter) reported a consistent production rate from March to June, based on VIN registrations. It appears that Tesla is still producing only the foundation series of the Cybertruck, implying that the production rate is steady and not driven by demand fluctuations.

Tesla’s production of the 50 millionth 4680 battery cell at Giga Texas marks a significant milestone in its battery manufacturing journey. With increasing production rates and strategic utilization of vehicles like the Cybertruck, Tesla continues to lead the EV industry with innovation and efficiency. This achievement not only enhances Tesla’s production capabilities but also reinforces its commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

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