Tesla Supercharger Network Achieves Record Uptime in 2023

Tesla’s Supercharging network has long been celebrated for its exceptional reliability, and the latest data from 2023 further cements its reputation. According to Tesla’s 2023 Impact Report, the average uptime for Supercharger sites worldwide reached a record 99.97%. This new high surpasses the impressive 99.96% in 2021 and 99.95% in 2022, continuing a trend of near-perfect reliability.

Tesla Supercharger Network

Historical Uptime Performance:

  • 2018: 99.94%
  • 2019: 99.90%
  • 2020: 99.74%
  • 2021: 99.96%
  • 2022: 99.95%
  • 2023: 99.97%

Understanding the Uptime Metric

Tesla’s definition of “average uptime” is key to understanding these figures. The metric is based on the percentage of Supercharger sites that maintain at least 50% of their daily capacity functional throughout the year. This means that as long as half of the charging stalls at a site are operational, the site is considered to have perfect uptime.

The Fine Print

While this method of calculation highlights the reliability of Tesla’s infrastructure, it also reveals some potential weaknesses. For instance, if 49.9% of the stalls at every station were non-functional for the entire year, and the remaining 51.1% were operational, the uptime would still be recorded as 100%. Conversely, the same perfect score would be achieved if all stalls were operational year-round.

The Need for Granular Data

Tesla’s high average uptime for sites is impressive, but it would be more insightful to know the uptime for individual stalls. This would provide a clearer picture of the hardware’s reliability and the actual user experience. While Tesla ensures that Supercharger stations maintain at least half their capacity most of the time, the reliability of each stall could reveal more about the overall performance and improvements needed.


Tesla’s Supercharging network continues to set benchmarks for reliability, with the 2023 data showcasing a new high in average uptime. However, a deeper look into individual stall performance could provide even more valuable insights into the robustness of Tesla’s charging infrastructure. As EV adoption grows, maintaining and improving this reliability will be crucial for Tesla and its customers.

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