7 seater electric SUV car for sale 2023- 24

7 seater electric SUV car for sale 2023- 24

If you care about the environment but need to transport a larger family or more people, you may need a special type of vehicle. However, it is difficult to find electric vehicles that can seat seven people.

The latest info on automobiles and the world around them in today’s article, we’ll see the all-new seven-seater electric SUVs on sale, so without wasting your precious time let’s get started.

electric SUV car for sale

Kia ev9

The completely electric Ev-9 is a mid-size SUV that will Elevate the brand even further up Market in major markets across the world while being a less expensive alternative to the Mercedes Eqs SUV, the inside of the Ev-9 is spacious and lounge-like. 

We anticipate it will have sophisticated 800-volt charging architecture and a strong dual motor drivetrain similar to the ev6, It has all of the components to become Kia’s Flagship Car.

The ev9 is started at about fifty thousand dollars, a hot ed-9 GT on the other hand, may be far more costly around $70000.

The exterior style of the Kia eb9 will be similar to the Striking concept ev9’s opposites United design language Kia’s famous tiger face turns digital with a star Cloud pattern Lighting Display on concept 89.

Peugeot e-rifter

One of the newest seven-seater electric vehicles on the market, introduced in 2022, is called the Peugeot e-rifter. Electric power is the only available option for this incredibly useful family vehicle and Peugeot has discontinued other options.

The petrol and diesel versions of this van-based MPV, the e-rifter, have five seats as usual. However, the aptly titled long version has a third row of seats and is 350 millimeters longer, making it a true seven-seater.

Even with all seven seats occupied, the boot of the e-rifter is sizable. However, when all the seats are folded down, the e-rifter gives you a truly van-like cargo space.

Vox Hall combo e life

It’s another vehicle made by the Stalantis company in many ways it is identical to the e-rifter and Eber lingo, however, the Vox Hall is typically less expensive to purchase there is only one trim level, and the standard model comes in five or seven-seat configurations as an alternative the XL model has a sliding facility for the third-row seats and comes standard with seven seats you can choose between maximum load capacity and passenger space as a result since the battery is the same across all models a full charge should give you a range of up to 174 miles.

Mercedes-Benz eqs SUV

The 2023 eqs SUV is the most recent addition to Mercedes’s expanding lineup of electric vehicles that are classified as belonging to the EQ sub-brand of the corporation.

The eqe and eqs sedans and Mercedes modular electric vehicle architecture serve as the foundation for its SUV surprisingly. 

The Eqs SUV’s starting price is comparable to that of the Eqs sedan, the Eqs 580 4matic exclusive model, which includes an all-wheel drive powertrain and upscale options like a heads-up display four Zone automatic climate control, and massaging front seats might be the best option the rear axle steering system and adjustable air suspension that comes standard on the Eqs SUV give it surprising agility in contrast to the sedan the SUV has an off-road drive mode that elevates the suspension and modifies the performance of the motor the all-wheel drive trim offers around 285 miles of range.

Citroen e Berlingo

The Peugeot e-rifter and Citroen e Berlingo share a lot of parts which accounts for the fact that they resemble one another almost exactly from the side.

The e Berlingo is available as a seven-seed XL variant or a 5cm version, the third-row seats in the XL may be removed and moved backward and forwards allowing you to prioritize the interior volume for either passengers or loads or a combination of both.

The e-large Berlingo windows and high sitting position provide you and your passengers with a wonderful Lookout, and rear parking sensors are included as standard equipment, even though they may not be the most enjoyable electric car to drive 182 miles is the maximum official range, which is sufficient for a week of school runs or a longer Journey to the In-laws.

The battery may be topped off by 80 using a rapid charger in around 30 minutes.

 Tesla Model X

Why did Tesla cease producing the model S with seven seats, well the Model X was first unveiled in 2016, and that was the key reason it is just an SUV version of the Model S that is higher, but it does have one notable feature the back doors which have a spectacular Falcon Wing design that opens upward rather than outward the model X has five seats as standard however when purchasing a new vehicle a third row is an option.

If you choose the most recent model, the variant X will have a range of up to 348 miles on a single charge while the quicker plaid model has a range of an amazing 333 miles not bad for an electric SUV with supercar-level performance.

Mercedes-Benz Eqv

It’s challenging to find an electric seven-seater that offers more comfort and room than the Mercedes-Benz Eqv, He will be the Brand’s first entirely electric MPV debuts in 2021. 

It Blends a spacious interior with a kind of luxurious materials and cutting-edge Technologies.

You would expect a Mercedes executive saloon car it is a hybrid of a minibus and a luxury sedan, the battery powering all three trim levels sport premium and Sport Premium Plus has a maximum stated range of 211 to 213 miles.

The Eqv comes with a table package if you choose one of the two higher-spec variants. 

That package includes a foldable mobile table additional cup holders storage Nets on the back of the front seats, and a 12-volt Outlet.

Hyundai ioniq 7

The design of the Hyundai Ioniq 7 will most likely make it the largest car produced by the Korean manufacturer to date, providing people in all three rows plenty of space. The new Ioniq 7 will start at about fifty thousand dollars, but higher trims may easily cost more than sixty thousand.

The prototype has pillarless coach doors for easy access and egress. However, we anticipate that conventional doors will be used in the actual Ioniq 7. 

The idea behind the Ioniq 7 is extremely remarkable in terms of technology. It has a Universal Island and Smart Hub, as well as a mobile console with a large 27-inch monitor, although it is overshadowed by the 77-inch ceiling display.

The concept model’s features include a built-in mini fridge and brilliant side door ambient lighting, which might easily make it to the production model.

Lucid gravity

The huge luxurious electric crossover known as the Lucid SUV codenamed project gravity will be available in 2023.

The second model from the electric startup, the gravity will have three rows of seats for up to seven passengers and can be constructed on the same electric architecture as the Lucid air sedan.

We anticipate that the gravity’s powertrains, which will be based on the Lucid electric Advanced platform will be identical to those of the air and provide 480, 620, 800, and 1080 horsepower from dual electric motors driving each of the vehicle’s four wheels electric driving range is anticipated to be impacted however 300-kilowatt fast charging assures up to 300 miles of the range may be recovered in just 20 minutes while ballpark figures of 400 miles for base models and slightly less than 500 miles for the two top trims.

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