Zeekr presents the LFP battery for electric cars with the highest charging speed in the world.

The Chinese manufacturer, owned by the Geely Group, has just unveiled its new range of batteries for electric vehicles. These use Lithium Ferro-phosphate chemistry, which is increasingly gaining ground in the market due to its lower cost.

LFP battery for electric cars

On the occasion of Zeekr’s Power Day 2023, the Chinese brand presented its new range of Lithium Ferro-phosphate (LFP) batteries. It is a technology that has gradually been gaining ground over NCM and NCA-type lithium-ion batteries, which until recently were the majority.

The main arguments favoring LFP batteries are lower production costs, excellent safety, and durability. However, until recently, they have had to deal with a significant drawback: lower power and energy density.

However, more recent models, such as the one presented by Zeekr, are beginning to offer figures similar to those of nickel-cadmium batteries, thanks to which they are starting to increase with greater intensity in the market.

Zeekr 007 will debut LFP batteries

Last November, Zeekr presented all the details of its new 007, a medium-sized sedan that incorporates innovative solutions and will hit the market on December 27. It will also be sold in Europe.

The brand has confirmed that this model will be the first to receive the new LFP batteries, which present auspicious performance figures.

LFP battery for electric cars

Developed entirely by Zeekr, these new LFP batteries called Golden Battery will power an 800-volt (V) electrical system and offer 500 kilometers of autonomy after just 15 minutes of fast charging. In addition, the brand ensures that its energy density levels will be comparable to those of NCM batteries.

“Thanks to the application of newly developed materials and simplified structural design, the volume utilization of the new battery pack reaches 83.7%, higher than many global peers,” Zeekr said. It is the first to exceed 80%.

“Excellent energy density does not come with a compromise on safety; the packages have passed six strict safety tests, including nail penetration, conducted by the National Motor Vehicle Quality Testing and Inspection Center,” he added to the new product.

The new Golden Battery will have a maximum charging power of 500 kW and a maximum charge multiplier of 4.5 ºC. Thanks to this, it becomes the fastest mass-produced LFP battery in the world in terms of recharging speed.

If met, these data surpass those of the famous Qilin batteries from CATL, the world’s largest battery producer.

Source- Cnevpost.com

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