The new 2024 Zeekr 001 adopts 800V architecture, with up to 750 km of autonomy, and is cheaper than the Tesla Model Y.

Zeekr, Geely’s premium division, is a rapidly rising brand already spreading throughout Europe. One division that operates quickly is 001, which was introduced within a year after being introduced to the market.

2024 Zeekr 001

It’s a shooting brake that falls between a sedan and an SUV; in Europe, it may be compared to a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. It is a 4.97-meter-long vehicle with an eye-catching appearance, a roomy inside, and a cargo space complete with a sizable door that makes it easier to reach the massive trunk.

With just minor external changes, the new 001 is nearly indistinguishable from the old model. However, the firm claims that over a thousand internal modifications have been made, enabling them to provide a product that is not just more affordable than the present model but also far more competitive.

New 2024 Zeekr 001

Its silicon carbide propulsion technology and 800V design give it lesser weight and higher efficiency.

Its entry-level model with a rear engine now boasts 310 kW (415 HP) of power instead of 200, allowing it to reach 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Meanwhile, the two-motor version’s power can now get 100 km/h in only 3.3 seconds thanks to an increase in power from 400 to 580 kW (777 HP).

There might be three possibilities for the battery. A 95 kWh CATL LFP pack that can reach up to 5C charging speeds and offers 675 km of autonomy in the two-motor variant.

With a 100 kWh capacity, the NMC battery is more lightweight and has a higher energy density. Based on the mechanical versions previously observed, the ranges are also longer than the LFP alternatives, reaching 705 and 750 km at a 4C charge rate.

The air suspension system is one of the features that consumers like most. That has also been modified, including the 009 minivan’s dual-chamber air suspension system that allows for five degrees of height adjustment up to 70 mm.

2024 Zeekr 001

While there aren’t many improvements on the outside, the interior has a 35.5-inch AR-HUD front projector, an upgraded Yamaha surround sound system, and a new Qualcomm 8295 CPU that smooths the infotainment system.

Some features, such as the new 001’s 14-channel Dolby Atmos 7.1 sound system with 5D display options and up to 28 speakers, demonstrate how far ahead Chinese manufacturers are of Western ones. You may enjoy 5D visualization with “Extreme Zeekr Cinema,” which includes scents, smoke, wind, rain, snow, and shadow effects.

With a sophisticated system with Lidar sensors, cameras, and all the other tools needed to create an experience even in the most challenging environments, autonomous driving technology is not lacking.

In addition to having an electronic door opening and shutting mechanism, it has an endless supply of equipment. In this manner, opening the door requires the driver to click a button on the B-pillar. When you step on the brake, it will shut on its own. Its luxurious chairs have rests to provide traveling partners with more comfort.

It should be noticed, noticed coverage no matter where you travel. It’s fascinating to be able to provide a warning in the event of an unexpected incident, even in the most isolated locations or shadow areas with no mobile service.

Zeekr 001 2024: prices

The best part is that the new Zeekr 001 is even more reasonably priced than the replaced one.

The option with a 100 kWh motor and battery (750 km of autonomy) starts at 269.00 yuan (34,538 euros). The 95 kWh LFP option, which, as we recall, decreases to 675 km CLTC, is charged at the same rate.

The version with two motors, a 100 kWh battery, and 705 km of autonomy is seen above. Its starting price is 299,000 yuan (38,393 euros), and its maximum range is 329,000 yuan (42,295 euros).

These numbers may be compared to the 258,900 yuan starting price of the Tesla Model Y Standard in China (554 km CLTC) and the 299,900 yuan Long Range Dual Motor version, which has a CLTC cycle-approved autonomy of 688 km.

2024 Zeekr 001

As we can see, compared to the Model Y Long Range, the 001 in its 100 kWh form is much cheaper and offers greater autonomy and equipment—precisely 30,900 yuan, which, at the currency rate, is equivalent to 3,968 euros.

This needs to account for Zeekr’s advantages for first-time users, such as the lifetime free offer of a 35,000 yuan (4,494 euros) sophisticated autonomous driving system.

There is fierce rivalry not just for well-known brands but also for Tesla, which is witnessing an increase in the competitiveness of its Chinese rivals’ goods and pricing that can match those of American companies.

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