European manufacturers support the EU decision to ban internal combustion engines in 2035

The major European automakers have decided not to try to undo the EU’s plans to outlaw the sale of new automobiles with internal combustion engines starting in 2035, regardless of the outcome of the next elections in Europe. Luca de Meo, the Renault Group CEO and the current ACEA president (European Automobile Manufacturers Association), has verified this.

European manufacturers

The suggested date is “possibly feasible, but the right conditions must be created,” in his view. We have to start working now.” Brands have begun releasing a new generation of affordable vehicles in response to declining demand; the Citroën Ñ-C3 and Renault 5 are two examples of these cars.

But the industry is also pleading with the government for help to ensure that the shift from one technology to another is successful. This assistance could come in subsidies or the construction of a robust, fast-charging network that will enable most people to switch to electromobility within the next ten years.

Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Stellantis, who is no longer involved in the ACEA lobby, shares this view. Although the administration states unequivocally that thermal automobiles should be phased out by 2035, it maintains that the norm needs to be applied practically. “At this point, support is required to address the affordability issue.”

The industry is transparent: the future is the electric car

The corporation will continue to concentrate on the electric car, so it would only be a slowdown even while the management is open to revisiting its electrification plans in light of the outcomes of the US and European elections. “If citizens go in a different direction and regulations change, we will continue to do everything we can to reduce emissions.”

European manufacturers

Recall that Stellantis wants to sell 50% of its electric vehicles in the US and 100% of its electric cars in Europe by 2030. «Two crucial elections are scheduled for next year: the US House of Representatives election in November and the European Parliament election in June. Perhaps the policy will change after that,” Tavares said a few weeks prior.

If people start to feel less strongly about electric cars, we might need to adjust our approach. Making the firm ready for the changing circumstances is one of my responsibilities. “We have plans for it.”

Source- Automotive News Europe

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