The Ford Bronco goes electric at a golden price and with discarded Tesla batteries

There is a growing trend of historic cars being converted to electric mode. Modern models are likewise impacted by these changes, to the extent that some businesses promise a difference in less than a day.

Ford Bronco

The story’s protagonist, nevertheless, fits within the first group. We are discussing the first-generation Ford Bronco, one of the most recognisable off-road cars from the Oval brand. Arc Motor Company, a Canadian business, converted a 1974 vehicle into an electric vehicle.

Beyond the significant mechanical adjustment (hello, two electric motors instead of a 5.0-litre combustion engine), the conversion’s beauty lies in its batteries. The American business has rescued and repurposed several Tesla Model S automobile battery parts.

In other words, the engine compartment has a hand-built, customised battery for this Ford Bronco. Here, the 75 kWh battery with a 320 km electric range is installed in a steel “box” built by Arc Motor Company. The combined output of the two electric motors is 260 horsepower and 469 nm of torque, which is a significant increase over the performance of the original Bronco, which only produced 120 horsepower and 329 nm.

Ford Bronco

“When you electrify a vehicle, you are not only making a better, more pleasant machine and reducing polluting emissions but also reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill,” said Sloane Paul, the company’s founder.

Arc Motor Company claims that because “the technology is transferable,” they can apply this technology to other vehicles after installing the electric pack in the Ford Bronco. They are already planning to take a shot at the enormous Dodge Power Waggon.

Arc Motor Company ensures that the bespoke EV system is designed to match the necessary criteria. They create and produce all of the brackets and battery boxes and install and test them to ensure there are no errors.

How much does such a conversion cost?

The passage of time will determine if such transformations can be completed far more cost-effectively. This Ford Bronco will be converted into an electric vehicle, and the cost will be “from” $75,000, or around 68,000 euros. What justifies the astronomical conversion cost?

Ford Bronco

The cost of parts and batteries, which account for over half of the expenses associated with an electric conversion, is the primary cause. The price of the materials is beyond our control. The remaining portion of the cost is attributed to mechanical and electrical engineering. Arc Motor Company’s website states, “Each system is designed and engineered for that specific vehicle because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for electrical conversions, which are custom-made for each car.”

According to the Canadian firm, this first-generation Ford Bronco will be converted to an electric vehicle in two to three months. However, the business also guarantees that components and shipping delays would add one or two months to the conversion period.

Recall that the law in Canada, like in the EU, establishes 2035 as the cutoff date for selling vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Source- Arc Motor Company

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