Honda presents Honda 0 Series electric cars with two radical prototypes that will go into production in 2026

Honda has presented two prototypes during CES 2024 that preview its following range of electric vehicles, the 0 Series family. These concepts, called Saloon and Space-Hub, will go into production starting in 2026. The company has also revealed a new exclusive badge for its future zero-emission cars.

Honda 0 Series

The saloon, whose angular lines are powerfully reminiscent of the “wedge”-shaped sports cars typical of the 70s, largely corresponds to the final production model. Its dedicated platform integrates advances such as an electronic steering system. As the flagship of the 0 Series, it pursues “driving pleasure” in the era of electric vehicles.

The brand has used sustainable materials both outside and inside. On a technological level, the human-machine interface (HMI) integrated into the instrument panel should be highlighted, which allows simple and intuitive operations. Honda claims it offers “incredible visibility and an intuitive user interface,” providing “a fun driving experience.”

Although the Space-Hub follows the same design language as its brother, the truth is that its proportions could not be more different. It is an avant-garde minivan with a large glass surface, although curiously, it lacks a rear window, which also makes it similar to a commercial vehicle to a certain extent.

The Honda 0 Series range will have a global focus.

Developed with the idea of “improving people’s quality of life”, it offers a spacious and flexible cabin. The Saloon and the Space-Hub follow the new “Lean, Light and Ingenious” development approach. This philosophy will characterize the next generation of electric vehicles from Japanese multinational companies.

Honda 0 Series

In the technical section, Honda has limited itself to confirming that it will exceed 300 miles of autonomy (483 km) even with small batteries thanks to the efficiency of its drive train. The pack will offer less than 10% degradation after ten years of use. Regarding the load, the members of the 0 Series can go from 15 to 80% in just 10-15 minutes.

This subrange will have a global focus, as it will be marketed in North America, Japan, and the rest of Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. “A production model, very similar to this concept, will arrive first in the United States and then throughout the world in 2026,” said Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of Honda, about the Saloon prototype.

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