The ‘Hand of God reaches the future electric all-wheel drive BMW M

‘Hand of God’ is a system patented by BMW that will be of vital importance in its future high-performance electric models (future electric all-wheel drive BMW M) and four electric motors.

BMW M is already working on its new generation of high-performance, fully electric cars.

Last year, the company revealed images of a mysterious model that adopted the body of a BMW i4 but with the front of a BMW M4 CSL and a width greater than any other brand.

That is because the vehicle incorporated a new electrical mechanical train that consisted of up to four electric motors.

future electric all-wheel drive BMW M

The Germans were testing the capabilities of the technology that will soon reach road cars.

The brand has always been characterized by a range generally presented as rear-wheel drive, either in sports models or in others with longer runs and logical engines.

However, all this began to change with the launch of the latest generation of the BMW M5, which adopted xDrive all-wheel drive to the initial discontent of its staunchest fans.

However, their impressions changed when they saw the radical handling that it still had.

In statements by the CEO of BMW M, Frank van Meel, to Autocar, this same technology will be incorporated into the new generation of the BMW M2, which will be fully electric.

“The secret behind this is that you have a central controller (or a central computer) that manages everything: the rear differential, but also the front-rear differential and the DCS (Dynamic Stability Control) system.”

The person in charge is confident that he will have a system that also coordinates the relationships between the four wheels and their respective four motorized systems.

BMW calls this particular component the “Hand of God.” It was initially developed for implementation in cars like the BMW i8 to mediate between gasoline and electric engines and ensure adequate torque vectoring for each situation.

If you look at the four-motor electric cars we have in development, we will have to use this same system to individually control each motor and make it drive like an M.

With this mechanic, the system can give even more possibilities”, said Van Meel.

The same manager assured that, as they are still in development, they will have to look for these models to present their character, since the BMW i4 M50, the BMW iX M60, or the BMW i7 M70 have already set the bar truly high in all aspects.

“We will have to look for a fully distinctive drive for the authentic M models.”

However, he has confirmed that the arrival of an electric and authentic BMW M, as many fans expect will still take some time since they require development that can take years to be ready.

The model most mentioned by the CEO has been the successor to the recently released BMW M2.

That will make use of all the technology available to the company and is expected to be a technological showcase, but also features and capabilities.

Its launch is still intuited very far away, pointing directly toward the last years of this same decade.

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