Elon Musk’s INSANE NEW Engine SHOCKS The EV Industry

Elon Musk’s INSANE NEW Engine SHOCKS The EV Industry

When building out zero-emission mobility powered by batteries, you need the best electric motor to provide the rotational energy that produces motion “Elon Musk’s INSANE NEW Engine”. 

Tesla has become good at developing its motor, and it shows in the level of success its cars have achieved globally. 

However, Elon Musk has not been resting on his laurels as he’s been pushing Tesla to develop even better electric motors (Elon Musk’s Insane New Engine). 

The latest result is a Elon Musk’s Insane New Engine that defies the laws of physics. 

Elon Musk's INSANE NEW Engine

What is this Elon Musk’s INSANE NEW Engine, and how does it beat the whole EV industry? 

We explore the new engine revealed by Musk and Tesla that defies the laws of physics. We live in the age of the electric car, and Tesla commands a huge slice of the action (Elon Musk’s Insane New Engine).

After centuries of relying on the internal combustion engine that has caused untold damage to the environment due to the carbon emissions it produces. 

The Texas-based company is leaving humanity’s attempt to shift it to zero-emission mobility. we’ve come to accept electric cars as a practical means of getting around, and many of the kinks are being worked out. 

While everyone knows Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries to power its cars, what may not be commonly known is the type of electric motor the company uses, and why it settled for the choice that it did. 

Tesla uses a three-phase AC induction motor instead of a DC motor. Given that the lithium-ion battery is DC, you may wonder why the EV maker is not using DC motors (Elon Musk’s Insane New Engine).

There are multiple reasons, including that AC induction motors have more torque even at higher speeds, have a simple design, are cost-effective, do not need rare earth minerals-rich permanent magnets have high reliability, and have an easier regenerative braking system design. 

We will briefly explain why there are various motors such as DC motors, brushless DC motors or BLDC AC induction motors, stepper motors, and more. 

Most household electronics used a brushed DC motor, such as toys, electric toothbrushes, razors, and so forth. 

However, due to friction, the middle rotating part or rotor wears out over time. Therefore, after a few hundred hours of operation, these motors fail and need the contactor replaced.

It can either open or short a motor coil. A short coil would lead to a runaway situation. So for an electric vehicle with the intense performance expected, brushed DC motors are not a wise choice “Elon Musk’s Insane New Engine”. 

What about BLDC? 

The brushless DC motor has a high initial starting torque, but its performance or efficiency decreases linearly when speed increases. 

That means if an electric vehicle uses a BL DC motor, the car will use significant electrical energy at highway speeds. 

Your vehicle would respond slower to your accelerator input at high speed. Since then, China has controlled more than 90% of refined rare earth minerals globally.

In the DC motor case, the system is very complicated compared to an induction motor. 

Tesla got a lot right with the Model Three’s powertrain it gave its motor designer team, if not a blank check, a blank whiteboard. 

The team came up with an electric motor suitable not only for an affordable electric car but also for the upcoming Tesla semi (Elon Musk’s Insane New Engine). 

Teslas. Chief Designer Constantinos Lascaris joined Tesla after the Model S had been developed. 

His head must have been full of fresh ideas from when he cofounded a project to design and build an efficient electric car.

The three S motor design helped Tesla towards its stated goal of a 25% reduction in parts count by having the motor do double duty as a heat source for warming the traction battery. 

Meanwhile, Tesla is not satisfied yet with the performance of its electric motor, as it believes it can squeeze out even more performance from a component. 

The result of its unrelenting effort on its electric motor is that the Model S plaid became the fastest production car globally, with performance that puts cars that cost much more than it to shame. 

The key to reaching this achievement was the carbon-sleeved motor with the highest torque and super high revolutions per minute rpm. 

However, the Model S Plaid is not the only car to benefit from the wonder electric motor, as Tesla plans to tweak it further for more performance in the new generation Roadster, musk shared unique details about the new innovative motor. 

The new electric motor is in production and features carbon sleeve rotors.

Tesla had to overcome some serious obstacles to get the carbon wrapped over the rotor. 

Musk explained that carbon and copper have different thermal expansion rates, and to achieve the desired result, the rotor must be wrapped at an extremely high intensity, which was difficult to do. 

The Tesla CEO said that the fiber is wound over the rotor at a high-tension load, which was previously impossible on a large production scale. 

Tesla Automation, based in Germany, made a machine for this. Tesla had to build a new facility near Tesla Automation’s existing facilities in Prune. 

That is where the production lines for new machines are needed to produce the innovative motors that will power the Model S plaid and Roadster. 

The main benefit of the new motor is that creates a stronger electromagnetic field.

Tesla has a bevy of new vehicles hitting the market soon, including heavy-duty ones. 

There is the Roadster, for example, which, as stated earlier, Tesla will tweak the new carbon sleeve motor, for it will produce a blistering acceleration from zero to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. 

Tesla wants to step that up with a SpaceX package, but it hasn’t been confirmed the car will use the new electric motor. 

There is also the Cybertruck, which was initially revealed in 2019 to use a trimotor setup on its highest trim that will do zero to 60 mph in two 9 seconds. 

However, Tesla is now promising a four-motor configuration that will be more powerful. 

With the new carbon-sleeved electric motor, tesla can make the Cybertruck an even more powerful and faster pickup truck. 

Tesla is also prepping the Semi truck, a Class Eight electric truck that uses four electric motors. The truck was thought to use the same motors as the Model Three. 

However, by using the new carbon-sleeved electric motor, tesla can make the truck even more capable. 

That is necessary for Tesla to be successful in luring truck fleet operators to transition their operations to electric trucks beyond road vehicles. 

The new carbon-sleeved motor can show up in an electric plane, which Musk has repeatedly said looking forward to designing. 

Let us hear what you think of the carbon-sleeved electric motor in the comments section below.

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