Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor 2023

Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor 2023

Being an old car company has its advantages. For one, old companies have a massive archive of discontinued cars. And this is a gold mine. 

Toyota brought back the Toyota Crown (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor), ford brought back the Maverick, and now Toyota is doing it again with the Century SUV. 

This Toyota (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor) transported presidents and billionaires and is the Japanese equivalent of a Rolls Royce. 

Toyota  launch rolls Royce, competitor 2023

According to claims from Japan’s Best Car magazine, Toyota is preparing to re-launch an SUV version (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor). 

Join us today as we discuss the Toyota Century and how it has shocked the entire industry. But before we go into details, let’s first get into the history of the Toyota century. 

This vehicle was Japan’s first domestically made-luxury chauffeur and was Launched in 1967.


The Century (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor) is one of the most luxurious cars ever made, but most people have never even heard of it, as only sold in Japan. 

It allow the wealthy and powerful in Japan to drive an ultra luxury Japanese-made vehicle because they wanted to avoid their leaders driving something made in Germany or America. 

It honors Sakichi Toyota, the company’s founder, who turned 100 years old that year. So, as you can imagine, bringing this car back is a big deal. 

Internally, it’s referred to as the halo product. The low-volume saloon had a starting price of ¥20 million, which works out to $152,000, and is one of the most exclusive vehicles the company has ever offered. 

It provided an unmatched experience in the 1960s for those fortunate enough to sit in the back.

So much so that it became ingrained in Japan’s automobile culture and remained on the market for 30 years before being redesigned. 

The second generation 

which didn’t change too much, followed the first’s layout but had a custom 50 liter 48 valve V twelve. 

That was Japan’s first and only front engine, rear drive V twelve, and this model was in the market for another 21 years. But now, over 50 years after its launch, we might see a completely redesigned version of this car. 

According to a recent Japanese magazine Best Car report, Toyota is getting ready to introduce an SUV version of the century(Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor). 

The demand for Rolls Royce has never been higher, and off the back of a successful Kulinan launch, Toyota plans to deliver a competitor (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor). 


The Century (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor) will be longer with two rows of seating and plenty of room for passengers to stretch their legs. But it’s the features that make this car special. 

According to Best Car, just like the Crown before it, the sentry must change to match the times because high-end business clients and others now prefer SUVs for commuting Toyota’s objective is to design a structure that enables the construction of both engine and Bev models. 

In one model with the Lexus TX, a specialized Bev-designed chassis is a more efficient strategy. However, Toyota does not have a clear line in the sand yet.

When it comes to electrification, so they want to keep options open. The upcoming Century SUV will be on the same TNGA K platform as the present Camry Pluger Lexus RX and upcoming crossover Crown, which is predominantly front-drive based. 


That implies that possible engine options include a three-five-liter V six or a two-four-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, both present in previous vehicles using the same platform. 

Ecar suggests the six-cylinder with hybrid assistance would be in keeping with the Sentry nameplate’s history. 

The most likely scenario for the vehicle’s power is a three-five liter V6 engine like the one used in the Lexus LC 500 H and the LS 500 H.

One clear thing is that they are ditching the 50-liter V8 from the classic model. The Best Car article suggests that Toyota will sell the Sentry SUV for personal use, but it also mentions that it won’t be as imposing as the sedan because it lacks a V 8. 

AV 6 is a better option because the V 8 is over Akill for personal use and Toyota wants to move buyers up from the Crown to the Century SUV. 

According to Best car web, the Century SUV (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor) will begin taking orders this year. The new Century SUV would have a wheelbase of roughly 3 meters long, which is longer than the J 300 Land Cruiser. In addition, it will be about an inch slimmer and eight inches shorter in height.


The Toyota ultimate flagship SUV will be 1950 mm wide, 1750 mm in height, and weigh roughly 2200 curb. 

Perhaps the most alarming report we’ve heard is that the Century SUV would also come equipped with four-wheel drive, but the engine would be horizontally mounted. 

This vehicle is also known as the Japanese Rolls Royce because of its massive size and heavy interior and exterior design. 

The Japanese royal family owns five of these and still uses them. It’s designed so that its passengers have enough room to stretch their arms out and read a newspaper with enough soundproofing to be uninterrupted as they pass through the busy Tokyo streets. 

It’s designed to be wide and low so women wearing a kimono can look beautiful entering the back seat without any unbecoming issues.

It’s hand-built, and they use wool on the seats, as leather is less dignified and even considered deplorable in Japan. 

Motor Trend reports that each Century is hand painted, and only four people in Japan are qualified to achieve an acceptable black paint mirror finish. 

Although this car is of the highest quality and utmost luxury in Japan it is understated and dignified. It’s the opposite of what a Lamborghini stands for in Japanese culture, they have a saying the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. 

This vehicle is designed to transport emperors, lines of industry, and heads of state, but it should move through the streets quietly and conservatively. 

Price Range

The vehicles will come in two options, one for personal use and the other for chauffeur travel.

Also known as black paint, the Century SUV also has an unexpectedly affordable price, as predicted by Best Car Webb. They estimate that the price of the vehicle will range from ¥10 million, about $76,000, to ¥15 million, just $114,000. 

So where will this new vehicle be sold?

Toyota reportedly plans to sell the Century SUV domestically in Japan as early as mid-2023. 

However, information needs to be provided regarding potential vehicle exports to other countries. this vehicle could be introduced to other countries. 

However, the rumored prices are similar to the new Lexus LX 600, making it less likely that Toyota will bring it to the North American market to compete.

It has only had three generations in the 56 years it has been on the market because it’s deeply rooted in Japanese culture. 

There are even reports that the current generation Century almost didn’t happen. It was supposed to end after the second generation, but bigwigs and executives, or more specifically, the kind of individuals Akiotoyota would associate with, requested a successor. 

The Century SUV won’t necessarily replace the Century sedan (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor). Both might be offered simultaneously, giving Toyota a model to compete with the high-end SUVs produced by European automakers like Rolls Royce and Lamborghini. 

Given the model’s extended lifespan, it appears guaranteed that the present version, which has just been available for five years, will continue to live on.

So do these rumors have any truth to them? 

It’s safe to assume that the current third-generation Century (Toyota launch rolls Royce competitor) is unlikely to be replaced so early in its life cycle. 

Still, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the company add a second vehicle, particularly an SUV, to its lineup, given that Toyota is undergoing significant changes to its mainstream lineup and its most iconic nameplates. 

So, what do you think about these reports? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve read it until now.

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