New tesla hydrogen car confirmed for 2023

New tesla hydrogen car confirmed for 2023

Tesla has been an EV-exclusive brand since the company’s inception, but that’s about to change as the rise of popularity of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles threatens to severely hurt the company’s sales and profits if they don’t adjust to the trend.

New tesla hydrogen car

New tesla hydrogen car

So it’ll Elon Musk recently announced his interest in the hydrogen car market and confirmed the upcoming Tesla hydrogen vehicle that will annihilate all the competition the way Elon Musk likes to do it. 

We look at the all- New tesla hydrogen car that shocked the entire car industry. 

Ever since Tesla came out with the first all-electric vehicle back in 2008, which was the original Lotus Elise-based Tesla Roadster, the rest of the industry didn’t have a proper answer to their revolutionary way of making New tesla hydrogen car.


For the next six years, the whole industry tried to either copy Tesla’s EV strategy or fiercely fight against it. 

During that time, Tesla had managed to establish itself as the definitive all-electric vehicle manufacturer, a title that the company still proudly holds. 

However, one of Tesla’s key rivals, Toyota, decided that the right way of action is not to compete with Tesla in the EV segment but to make a completely different segment that they will dominate. 

They saw the potential of using hydrogen in vehicles, as it is the most abundant chemical in the whole universe.


The first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, or FCEV for short, the Toyota Mariah, came out. 

It couldn’t directly compete with Tesla and the EV segment at the time, but the actual market showed a lot of potential, as a car could be recharged much faster than an EV, and could even cover much greater distances while still being emission-free and green for the environment.

Even though sales were limited to California and Japan, and the car was fairly overpriced for what it was, Toyota still managed to sell more than 200 units. 

Its successor, the second-generation Toyota Marai, came out in 2020 worldwide and proved to be quite popular in Canada and Europe, with over 20,000 units sold last year.

The whole fuel cell way boasts so much potential that car experts believe that eventually, New tesla hydrogen car could replace standard electric cars. 

They believe that if they don’t have a backup plan, lose out to main competitors in the long run. So the FCEV segment is a rising star in the world of cars.

Have you ever thought about buying or are you aspiring towards an FCEV? 

Let us know in the comments section below. Elon Musk numerous occasions voiced his disdain towards hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles. 

Recently went quiet and even somewhat backtracked on his statements and announced that Tesla has aspirations towards the FCEV segment.

They allegedly started developing their New tesla hydrogen car.  

What vehicles is Tesla up against? 

Several car manufacturers announce that they’ll start making New tesla hydrogen car shortly. 

The three most recognizable brands of the bunch are Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. 

They’ve announced that they will at first make limited-run FCEV versions of their existing vehicles, after which they’ll start developing completely independent hydrogen-powered vehicles shortly.

Also, several manufacturers have already started production of their FCEVs. Hyundai came out with the Hyundai Nexo more than four years ago. 

Hyundai had the Hyundai clarity since 2016, and its successor is about to appear soon. 

Also, Honda has confirmed that they’re about to start production of the Honda CRV Hydrogen in early 2024. 

Let’s not forget the Kickstarter of the whole FCEV segment.

Toyota, the latest Mariah, is selling unexpectedly well, and it’s much more loved by critics and fans alike. 

It’s well priced, costing $49,900, which is not a whole lot for a luxurious sedan that’s based on the Lexus LS.

Toyota has announced that they’ll be making an FCEV pickup truck that’s based on the adored Toyota Hilux, which had been deemed by numerous car journalists as the most reliable vehicle in the world.

To add insult to injury, Toyota also started developing an internal combustion engine that uses hydrogen instead of petrol and diesel. 

They even produced a couple of prototypes, including the Toyota Yaris GRH2, Toyota Corolla Sport H2, and the Toyota Corolla Cross H2 that use modified versions of the 163-cylinder turbocharged engine found in the standard Yaris Gr.

How will Tesla beat out their competition?

Let’s be real here. Tesla is the Goto brand when it comes down to EVs. 

So if they were to start producing fuel cell electric vehicles, which are, as the name implies, still electric vehicles, they would demolish everything in their way. 

Every established car manufacturer that we’ve previously mentioned is still primarily focusing on and producing traditionally petrol and diesel-powered, or electrified vehicles at best. That includes even the original FCEV manufacturer Toyota.

That, in essence, means that their customers are the most part on the market for traditional vehicles, which amounts to relatively low sales of New tesla hydrogen car. 

So if Tesla were to enter the fuel cells segment, it could easily blow the competition away as its customers are actual EV lovers. 

FCEV segment

A new innovative approach to EVs would surely grab the attention of all its fans, which would in turn propel sales to astonishing levels.

Elon Musk has said in the past that there is a possibility of exploring the FCEV segment, and stated on April 1, 2022, that Tesla will completely shift to hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles by 2024. 

It would be extremely stupid of him not to consider developing and exploring the ever growing market of FCEVs, as many of Tesla’s key competitors are starting to plan and even produce FCEVs.

However, before we all start hyping ourselves for the upcoming New tesla hydrogen car. 

We need to take into the fact that Elon has indeed said in the past that he doesn’t believe in hydrogen-powered New tesla hydrogen car, as he believes that FCEVs would never be as powerful or as effective as standard EVs. 

Furthermore, the hazards of EVs, which are the fact that the batteries could combust during a crash, are amplified even further because hydrogen is a flammable gas.

Fact about Hydrogen EV

Hydrogen has a high affinity to combine with neighboring elements, which makes it extremely hard to process and store. 

Let’s not forget about the fact that refilling the car with hydrogen currently costs much more than refueling a petrol or diesel car, let alone an all-electric vehicle that is recharged almost completely free at home. 

Elon Musk has a reputation to maintain and Tesla needs to keep its status as the most popular car brand in the EV market. 

Therefore, switching to a different way of powering cars that has also been made by one of Tesla’s major competitors could seem like the company is admitting defeat. 

Which couldn’t be further from the truth, as EVs are currently much more fleshed out than FCEVs are. 

So even though the hydrogen market boasts a lot of potentials, and even though we do believe that the segment will prove to be even more popular in the upcoming years, we hardly suspect that Elon Musk will announce a fuel will sell electric vehicle anytime soon.

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